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5 Starlights Pretty Cure★
(Faibu Sutāraito Purikyua★)
Director CureKanade
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi
Original Run July 5, 2015 - June 26, 2016
Episodes 49 episodes
Predecessor Lovely Romance Pretty Cure!
Successor Secrets! Pretty Cure

5 Starlights Pretty Cure★ is a series created by CureKanade. It will have five cures and it's theme is Stars and Performing Arts.


5 Starlights Pretty Cure★ Episodes
Bright Kingdom is attacked by it's enemy Blackhole and Queen Hikaru and Prince Karui just save the Star Brooches from Blackhole but they are scattered down on Earth. Seiza wakes up to find her brother get hit by an attack from Master then binded and teleported to the Blackhole's base. Queen Hikaru tells Seiza to go down to Earth to find the Star Brooches and take the five remaining Star Brooches to find the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. Then Seiza teleported down to Earth.

Meanwhile, Hoshi Yozora is singing along to her favourite song while cooking dinner for her family. She wanders around the kitchen till she finds the rice in the fridge. She sees a girl with blonde hair staring through the kitchen window looking at the food. She opens up the window and asks what wrong but the girl climbs in through the window without asking and introducing herself as Seiza and if she can stay here for the night. Hoshi runs out with Seiza right on her tail asking if Seiza can stay for the night and her parents says as long as Hoshi knows her. Hoshi turns around to go tell Seiza what her parents said but bumps into Seiza causing her to fall over and making the star-like buttons fall out of Seiza's pocket.


Pretty Cure

Hoshi Yozora (夜空 ほし Yozora Hoshi) is a shy, clumsy fourteen year old girl who loves to cook and sing. She has a fear of failing exams and getting bullied which is what happened to her when she was younger. Her alter ego is Cure Stardust (キュア スターダスト Kyua Sutādasuto) and she represents the power of light and feelings. Her theme colour is pink and yellow.

Nami Shinsei (新星 ナミ Shinsei Nami) is a cheerful, athletic girl who loves eating Hoshi's sweets and swimming. She is Hoshi's only friend and her fears are losing Hoshi and getting killed. Her alter ego is Cure Nova (キュア ノバ Kyua Noba) and she represents the power of water and sound. Her theme colour is blue and white.

Hayai Inazuma (稲妻 ハヤイ Inazuma Hayai) is smart, athletic thirteen year old who loves to run and hanging out with her best friend Yuki Gamen. She fears ghosts and not being able to become a manga artist when she grows up. Her alter ego is Cure Solar (キュア サウラー Kyua Sauraa) and she represents the power of lightning and her theme colour is yellow.

Tora Kaji (火事 トラ Kaji Tora) is a kind, friendly girl who does gymnastics and ballet. She fears of losing her family and new Pretty Cure friends, especially Hoshi. Her alter ego is Cure Leo (キュア レオ Kyua Reo) and she represents the power of fire and dancing. Her theme colour is red and orange.

Konomi Amanogawa (天の川 このみ Amanogawa Konomi) is a kind, stubborn girl who loves reading and hanging out alone in her hid out. She fears of losing her pet dog Remi and seeing her dead mother come back from the dead. Her alter ego is Cure Milky (キュア ミルキー Kyua Mirukī) and she represents the power of roses and acting.


Seiza (星座 Seiza) is the only mascot of the series. She is the queen's daughter and she has no animal form like her older brother.


Master (マスター Masutā) is the leader of Blackhole. He wants to get rid of all stars in the Bright Kingdom but to do that he has to find the Star Brooches that Queen Hikaru scattered on Earth and destroy them.

Asteroid (星状体 Seijōtai) is the first commander to appear. She hates Pretty Cure and how they get in her way, so she fights them with all her power. She is quite lazy when it comes to not doing stuff Meteorite tells her and likes drinking lemonade.

Meteorite (隕石 Inseki) is the last commander to appear. He does anything Master tells him and will do anything to get the Star Brooches in his hands.

Troid is the monster of Blackhole. It is summoned by using a red diamond brooch with evil energy that can process items and humans.

Bright Kingdom

Queen Hikaru (女王 ひかる Joō Hikaru) is the queen of Bright Kingdom. She sent her youngest child, Seiza, to find the Star Brooches with the help of Pretty Cure so Bright Kingdom will become light again with many stars.

Prince Karui (プリンス カルイ Purinsu Karui) is the son of Queen Hikaru and older brother of Seiza. He was kidnapped by Blackhole at the start of the series and is threaten that if he doesn't say where the Star Brooches are, he will watch his sister and mother die along with Pretty Cure.


Ringo Arai (新井 リンゴ Arai Ringo) is nicknamed Nadeshiko by her classmates. Ringo comes from a long line of famous dancers and experts in tea ceremony, she loved to dance in her dance school. She soon begins to have feelings for her childhood friend, Shun Takikawa and soon went into a relationship with him. She likes traditional Japanese dancing, tea ceremonies, ikebana, playing traditional Japanese Music instruments, traditional crafts, calligraphy etc. Her dream is To Run her mom school and be just like her mother.

Shun Takikawa (滝川 シュン Takikawa Shun) is a classmate of Hoshi's and is Ringo Arai's childhood friend. He find's himself falling for Ringo and starts going out with her. He comes from a famous kabuki troupe family "Takikawa" Theatre. He is a Kabuki actor.


Brilliant Bronzer - The girls transformation device. It looks like a Blush Make-up item but more like the Smile Pact. When you shout out the transformation phrase (Pretty Cure Switch On!) you get the brush with it (Brilliant Brush) and brush over your body to make the dress appear, then brush the arms for the gloves, brush over legs for boots and swirl the brush around your head to let your hair grow and earing and chocker appear.
Star Brooch - There is five star brooches that appear when the girls first become pretty cure. They must have them to activate the Brilliant Brush. There is also more star brooches to collect:

  • Star Brooch of Aquarius
  • Star Brooch of Pisces
  • Star Brooch of Aries
  • Star Brooch of Taurus
  • Star Brooch of Gemini
  • Star Brooch of Cancer
  • Star Brooch of Leo
  • Star Brooch of Virgo
  • Star Brooch of Libra
  • Star Brooch of Scorpio
  • Star Brooch of Sagittarius
  • Star Brooch of Capricorn


Shine Town (町を照らす Machi o Terasu) is the town that the cures live in.

Bright Kingdom (ブライト キングダム Buraito Kingudamu) is Queen Hikaru kingdom. Seiza comes the kingdom along with her brother Prince Karui.

Blackhole Hideout (ブラックホール アジト Burakkuhōru Ajito) is the Hideout that Asteroid and Meteorite come from. Master is the leader of the Hideout.


  • This is the first time that a mascot has no animal form.