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A Beautiful Beast is a magical girl anime series by CureSailorMoon1617

A Beautiful Beast
Director CureSailorMoon1617
Studio Studio Deen
Licensor FUNimation Entertainment
Network TV Tokyo
Original Run Spring 2015 - Ongoing
Episodes 52

The series genres are Magical Girl/Boy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, and Romance.


Rayla Himeakari is ordinary 15 year old girl until the day she awakens her hidden powers and becomes a magical and mystical being known as a Beast.  She is assisted in her adventures by a fellow beast named Minoru Mahō kishi, who happens to be one of the most popular boys in school but claims that it is his duty protect Rayla at any cost. She also soon discovers that her best friend since grade 8, Hanako Furawāken, also happens to be a beast. The three must form a strong bond to deal with the beast hunters who hunt down their kind and fight other beasts in order to earn enough points to earn a wish. With the powers of love and friendship, nothing can beat these three or stand in their way.


Rayla's Group

Rayla Himeakari

She is 15 years old and in her first year of high school. She gets good grades in most subject except for gym and is a very strong willed person with a pure heart. She is scary when made angry and is very good at cooking. She works part time at a maid cafe and lives in her aunts amartment building named Maison Rōzu.  

As a beast she is very powerful and can control all the beast type powers as she is an imperial beast.  Her partners in battle are Hanako and Minoru.

Minoru Mahōkishi

He is 15 years old and in his first year of high school. He gets good grades in all subjects and is a very popular with the girls in school. He is very loyal to Rayla and will do anything to protect her from harm. He claims that it is tradition for certain members of his family to serve the Himeakari family head and lives in Maison Rōzu.   

As a beast he is powerful and can control use magic as he is a Magic Type beast.  His partners in battle are Hanako and Rayla.

Hanako Furawāken

She is 15 years old and in her first year of high school. She gets good grades in most subjects except for english and math and is very cheerful person. She is great at kendo and gardening and is both clubs at school.  She works part-time at a local flower and lives in Maison Rōzu.  

As a beast she is really powerful and can control flowers and nature as well as use a wooden engraved with a flower pattern as she is Noble Type Beast.  Her partners in battle are Rayla and Minoru.

Other Beasts

Yūkan'na kokoro High School

Maison Rōzu

Beast Hunters

Other Characters



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