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A Girl Becomes a Beast is the first episode of a A Beautiful Beast.

A Girl Becomes a Beast
Japanese title 少女は獣になる
Episode Information
Episode no. 1
Directed by CureSailorMoon1617
Writers CureSailorMoon1617
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For ages, people have believed that beasts were ugly and horrible creatures that cause disasters and misfortune.  But the truth is that they are actaully beautiful and majestic creatures that make the world a better and happier place for all to live.

15 year old Rayla Himeakari wakes up from bed as her alarm clock rings and turns it off.  She then gets out of bed and changes into her school uniform.  Her school uniform comprises of a white top with long sleeves that have a frilly lace cuff and a pink sailor collarthat has a red bow, and also a hot pink short skirt.  She is also wearing long white socks that go 2 inches above the knees.  Her long red hair is styled in pigtails while her bangs hang delicatly on her fore head with a cute little braid in front of her ears on each side of her head.  

She then puts on her glasses and heads down to the dining room of her building with the other tenants.  A everyone gathers for breakfast her uncle Ken brings out the food for everyone.  After breakfist, she heads off for school.  She soon joined by her best friend Hanako Furawāken, she is wearing the exact same uniform as Rayla but she has long brown hair up in a pony tail with a red bow that has a blue silk rose in the center and golden eyes.

Hanako says, "Good Morning Ray-chan".  Rayla replies, "Good Morning to you too Hana-chan".  Hanako asks, "So how are you today Ray-chan?"  Rayla replies, "I'm good, and you".  Hanako replies, "I'm good too".  Rayla replies, "Thats good".  They talk till they get to school and go to class.  After school, Rayla goes to her part time job as maid at a cafe as usual.  She delivers orders of tea, coffee, cakes, and other sweets while looking cute is her job.  

She delivers a cup of green tea and a piece of red velvet cake to boy with short black hair snd blue eyes wearing her school's boy uniform which is a navy blue gakuen.  He grabs her arm and says, "I will give you a 5000 yen tip if you will talk to me for a few minutes".  She says, "Okay", and he gives her the tip.  He then says, "Hi, my name is Minoru Mahōkishi, and I am in Class 1-2".  She says, "So you're that boy who all the girls at school are crazy about".  He says, "Yes I am, so what".  She asks, "Then why are you talking to me?"  He replies, "I just wanted to warn you to be careful tonight".  She says, "Okay, Whatever", and gets back to work.

That night at the dinner table with the 5 other tenants, including Hanako, and her aunt Hina and uncle Ken, who are the buildings land lady and land lord.  Rayla tells Hanako about what happened at work.  Hanako says, "So one of the most popular boys in school talked to you, now thats weird".  Rayla says, "Yes, I know", and Hanako replies, "But I guess this was going to happen eventually".  Rayla asks, "What was going to happen eventually?" and Hanako tells her, "That a boy finally noticed how cute you are and is now totally in love with you".  Rayla drops her utensils and says, "What, are you serious?"  Hanako replies, "Of course I am, but it is weird that it is Mahōkishi-san".  Rayla then shouts, "There is no way that he has a crush on me".  She then notices that every one is stairing at her.  She then says, "I am going up to my room for the rest of the night", and leaves.  

She goes up to her to get changed for bed when suddenly she feels like she is having a heart attack and collapses.  She wakes to a boy wearing a blue princely outfit with a long cape and a musketears feather hat with black hair and blue eyes.  He is asking, "Rayla-Sama, wake up? Rayla-Sama, are you okay?"  and she asks, "Yes I am, but who are you?"  He tells her, "I am Minoru Mahōkishi, I am your knight and protector".  She still confused when she accidently looks in the mirror where she sees that she has changed form.

She is wearing a golden sleeveless dress with a pink jewel at the top and a transparent pink fabric on the knee length skirt with a golden bow in the back.  She is also wearing long white gloves with pink bows on the wrist and elbow, golden heels with pink ribbons that goe 4 inches up the leg, and a golden tiara, necklace, and earrings with pink jewels.  Her hair is golden blonde with pink highlights tied in 2 pigtails with golden ribbons and her eyes are silver.  And a pair of huge white wings coming from her back.

She freaks out and asks, "What has happened to me?"  Minoru tells her, "Calm down, you've just turned into a beast Rayla-Sama".  She then asks, "A beast? What is that? Is it some kind of monster? Are you really Mahōkishi-san? And why did you just call me Rayla-sama?"  He replies, "Calm down, I will answer all your questions of you just calm down", and she calms down and says, "Okay, now tell me".  He tells her, "A beast is someone with special powers and abilities who can transform and beasts are not monsters.  And I am Minoru, and I call you Rayla-sama because I am to protect and serve you".

She is starting understand when suddenly the wall with a window blows up but Minoru shields her from the blast luckily.  She asks him, "Are you okay?" and he replies, "Yes I am, but what caused that blast?"  As the smoke clears, they notice a man dressed like a hunter.  Rayla is worried and scared and Hikaru puts on a brave and serious face.

Major Events


  • Rayla Himeakari
  • Minoru Mahōkishi
  • Hanako Furawāken


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