A New Girl in Town
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There's a yangire among us.
Episode Information
Episode no. 6
Directed by Keitaro Motonaga
Writers Hideki Shirane, Hitoshi Tanaka
Airdate TBA
Languages English
Duration 25 Minutes
Studio AIC+
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Ground Zero
A New girl in Town is the 6th Episode of Date A Live.


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Characters AppearingEdit

  • Samuel Issac
  • Kallie Issac
  • Tamara
  • Yarona
  • Henry Thomas
  • Mana Talicia
  • Kassandra

Censorships/Changes made from the Original EpisodeEdit

  • The scene of the 4 character's sitting position's names is changed into English 4Kids dub names.
  • Kurumi's name on the blackboard is erased.
  • The 3 Choices of communicating with Kurumi is changed into:
    1. Are you really a Super Being?
    2. Maybe we will talk later.
    3. Wanna hang out sometime?
  • The scene that Kurumi ate the 3 men is retooled.


  • First appearance of Mana Talicia & Kassandra.
  • Asides from the other dubbed Episodes, this Episode is the most (probably) brutal one.

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