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A Promise to make
Japanese title あなたの本当の願いは何ですか? (What's your true wish?)
Episode Information
Episode no. 2
Writers Ted Lewis
Airdate September 2013 (USA)

January 2014 (Japan)

Languages English


Duration 24 Minutes
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment
Episode Navigation
Molly's new day
Maria's last battle?

A Promise to make is the 2nd Episode of Magical Molly!.


After being rescued by a Magical Girl (named Maria "Mary" Thompson, she invites the two girls to her house for a tea party, and introduces the white thing called "Cubey", an alien who can make promises and grant wishes to make them become Magical Girls. On the next day, she takes the girls to hunt down a Witch that they previously encountered. Will Maria ever win?

Characters Appearing[]

  • Main Characters
    • Molly Kelley
    • Sabrina Mickey
    • Hilda Adams
    • Maria Thompson
    • Cubey
  • Others
    • Judy Kelley
    • Hilary Samantha

Censorships/Changes made from the original Episode[]

  • Mami's musket is uncensored, but the firing sounds are retooled into a futurisitc firing effects (Not reused from any Sci-fi movie anyway).
  • The German words on the walls are airbrushed.


  • No sparkly effects are added in this episode, YET.
  • I mean really, 4Kids were able to keep a scene of an Office Lady almost falling to her death.
  • Wow, 4Kids were able to keep Homura's cynical, somber, and aloof personality.
  • Mami still has her mammies. Probably they are censorship-proof?
  • The Episode is remastered (the previous one is Molly's New Day) for the HUB reruns.

Episode releases[]


The Second Episode is released along with the 1st Episode in the first Volume of the DVD.

Japanese version[]

あなたの本当の願いは何ですか? (What's your true wish?)

  • ClariS' Colorful is used as an opening, again.
  • The ONLY Episode that contains Aoi Yuki's See You Tomorrow (Mata Ashita) as the ending theme.

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