The Detective Boys and Conan meet a pair of fraternal twins name Mana and Minoru Oshiro who asked them to solve a riddle hunt which that their mother gave them because they want to know whats her favourite place. If they find it she'll treat them there.


Mana Oshiro

Appearance: long black hair in a French braid, brown eyes and her skin tone is the same as Eri Kisaki

• 6 years old

• Teitan Elementary School student

• Elder twin of Minoru

Minoru Oshiro

Appearance: He brown eyes, black short spiky hair and his skin tone is the same as Eri Kisaki.

• 6 years old

• Teitan Elementary School student

• Younger twin of Mana


What language do we come from? And what can you use us in an art arrangement that you can find at a place you can learn? Where would you find us together?

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Clue: Flowers

Language and flowers is Language of Flowers if you put flowers in a language and in Japan its Hanakotoba. The numbers corresponded to the number of letters in the Japanese writing of all the flowers in Hanakotoba.

5 refer to Amaririsu because of アマリリス.

4 refer to Anemone because of アネモネ to White Anemone.

7 refer to Amuburoshiā because of アムブロシアー.

2 refer to Shion because of 紫苑.

2 refer to Tsutsuji because of 躑躅.

5 refer to Burūberu because of ブルーベル.

4 refer to Kakutasu because of カクタス.

1 referred to all the Tsubaki's because of 椿 for all the camellia flowers in Hanakotoba.

7 refer to Kānēshon because of カーネーション.

1 refers to Sakura because of .

2 refer to Kigiku because of 黄菊 for Chrysanthemum (Yellow).

2 refer to Shiragiku because of 白菊 for Chrysanthemum (White).

95 is 5 refer to kurōbā but if you add on Yotsuba no at the beginning you get 9 because of (四つ葉の) クローバー.

2 refer to Suisen because of 水仙.

4 refer to Tenjikubotan because of 天竺牡丹.

2 refer to Hinagiku because of 雛菊.

7 refer to Ēderuwaisu because of エーデルワイス.

3 refer to Erika because of エリカ.

3 refer to Wasurenagusa because of 勿忘草.

5 refer to Furījia because of フリージア.

2 refer to Kuchinashi because of 梔子.

2 refer to Sagiso because of 鷺草.

7 refer to Haibīsukasu because of ハイビースカス.

2 refer to Suikazura because of 忍冬.

3 refer to Ajisai because of 紫陽花.

7 refer to Ayame because of アイリス, 菖蒲.

5 refer to Jasumin because of ジャスミン.

5 refer to Rabendā because of ラベンダー.

3 refer to Shirayuri because of 白百合 for Lily (White).

3 refer to Sayuri because of 小百合 for Lily (Orange).

2 refer to both Suzuran and Yuri because of 百合 for both Lily of the Valley and Spider Lily.

3 refer to Oniyuri because of 鬼百合.

34 is 3 refer to Higanbana because of 彼岸花 and 4 refer to Manjushage because of 曼珠沙華 for Red Spider Lily.

2 refer to Renge because of 蓮華

5 refer to Magunoria because of マグノリア.

44 is 4 refer to Yadorigi because of ヤドリギ and 4 refer to Hōrii because of ホーリー.

2 refer to Asagao because of 朝顔.

2 refer to Suisen because of 水仙.

4 refer to Panjī because of パンジー.

2 refer to Botan because of 牡丹.

3 refer to Hinageshi because of 雛芥子 for Poppy (Red).

23 is 2 refer to Keshibecause of 芥子 and 3 refer to Keshi(Shiro) because of 芥子() for Poppy (White).

23 is 2 refer to Keshi because of 芥子 and 3 refer to Keshi(Ki) because of 芥子() for Poppy (Yellow).

2 refer to Sakurasō because of 桜草.

3 refer to Benibara because of 紅薔薇 for Rose (Red).

2 refer to Bara because of 薔薇 for Rose (White).

4 refer to Kiiroibara because of 黄色薔薇 for Rose (Yellow).

4 refer to Momoirobara because of 桃色薔薇 for Rose (Pink).

6 refer to Suītopī because of スイートピー.

6 refer to Chūrippu because of チューリップ for both Tulip (Red) and Tulip (Yellow).

3 refer to Bijozakura because of 美女桜.

1 refers to Sumire because of .

3 refer to Hyakunichisou because of 百日草.

You can use flowers in an art arrangement called ikebana and you can learn it at school which means you learn it at an ikebana school. An ikebana school and the flowers of Hanakotoba that can be found together is Obuzafurawāāto, an ikebana school and the only one that grows flowers of Hanakotoba and uses them in their ikebanas.

Where are we?


Ichigo Budō





It's the meaning of those words -








Where you can find these things – at a berry pick your own farm called Yume Farm because these berries are the only ones that they have their.

Music notes that are in form of a riddle which is you can hear at sound and silence. I'm an art form. You can use me in many ways. I am a medium. The only thing that doesn't need anything to make with, it's only you can make it. I'm at a big place that is classic where you can hear me on special occasions and events. My name is Blizzard and Glacier. You can find me in many different shapes from white fluffs above. – The answer is Seppyō Concert Hall.

The first five sentences refer(s) to music. Music is both sound and silence together. Music is a form of art. Music can be played by all know musical instruments that can be use to make music. Music is a medium. Music can also be use for singing that can be created by the person who sings themselves and it can't be created by musical instruments. The sixth sentence is a concert hall. Because a big place has to do something with classic and music together it has to do with a concert hall because you can hear classic music performing their which is a concert that can be only be performed in (a) live performance(s) at a hall on special occasions and events. The seventh sentence is Snow and Ice. Blizzard comes from SNOW and glacier is a mountain of ICE. Take Snow and Ice together and in Japanese you have Seppyō. If you put Seppyō and (a) concert hall together you have Seppyō Concert Hall which means that the last riddle is there.

These letters have to do with our names.







We are small but beautiful and colorful. We can fly. We are uncommon. They are many of us. Each of us are in a group in a different group. We are at a place where you can see us and only us in public for display and we can breed their. We love flowers. The answer – is Butterfly Meadow, a butterfly zoo.

Theses are beginning letter and ending letter of rare butterflies in English.

Silvery Blue

Orchard Swallowtail

Banded Orange Heliconian

Banded Peacock

Richmond Birdwing

Sapho Longwing

Butterflies are small but beautiful because of their colorful wings. Butterflies can fly because of their wings. There are a lot of butterflies. Each all different butterfly is in each different butterfly species. They are at a butterfly zoo where you can see them in public for display and they can breed their as well. Butterflies have their food from flowers.

You can only find these butterflies at Butterfly Meadow because they only have these butterflies and no other species of butterflies.

You are at your final riddle. The riddles you have come across each have a theme and you can find all the themes at a big location/place. You must find out what each riddle theme is. You can find the location/place with the beginning letters of the themes. The answers are Flowers, Berries, Music and Butterflies.

Merodī Concert Hall is next to a big park called Futago Hana where there are two flower fields that looks exactly the same. One field is on the right side and the other is in on the left side. The flower fields contain rare flowers like Crystal rose(s), Even though the roses was/were transparent and crystal like, it/they shows the color of the rainbow. When the sunlight shines upon them they will be rainbow colored. Its seed(s) is rainbow colored heart-shaped and these roses live for about 50 years. These roses will bear (a) seed(s) when it's ready. These rare flowers attract rare butterflies like rare butterflies called Niji Batafurai which in English is Rainbow Butterfly which as its names says so the park nickname is Batafurai Rakuen. There are Berī bushes of Cherries, Strawberries, Grapes, Blueberries, Boysenberries, Gooseberries and Raspberries their where animals can eat them.