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A Sparkle in the Darkness is an anime series by CureSailorMoon1617

A Sparkle in the Darkness
Kanji 闇の中スパークル
TV Series information
Directed by CureSailorMoon1617
Producers CureSailorMoon1617
Writers CureSailorMoon1617
Episodes 26
Languages Japanese
Music By CureSailorMoon1617

The series genres are Fantasy, Magical Girl, Supernatural, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Action, and Adventure. The series themes are Angels and Darkness.


Aki Hoshikurai is an ordinary and happy 15 year old girl untill the day she is infused with the power of darkness and forced to become a creature of darkness against her will by the forces of evil.  But things don't go as they expect and she becomes a creature of darkness called a Dark Angel and manages to keep her self from being controlled by them.  She escapes and returns home where she trys to keep her new found powers a secret and live a normal life with her family and friends like she used to.  But then a day later she is attacked by one of her friends, Haruto Junsuihikari, who reveals him self as Purifier and now thinks of her as evil until he witnesses her use her powers to save a little kid from being hit from a car.  He realizes that he is wrong and trys to help her find a way back to turn back to normal as his power doesn't seem to work on her like it does on other creatures of Darkness.


Main Characters

Aki Hoshikurai 

She is the female protagonist of the series.  She was a normal teenage girl in middle school but after she was kidnapped by the Dark Realm and being infused with a great amount of dark energy she is now a Dark Angel, a rare and powerful type of creature of Darkness.  She is smart and clumsy and kind.  She is still her same old self despite becoming a creature of darkness.

Haruto Junsuihikari

He is the male protagonist of the series.  He is a Purifier and is Aki's childhood friend.  He attacks Aki a week after she became a creature of darkness because he thought she had become evil and tried to kill her as none of his purification techniques would work on her.  But he changed his mind after witnessing her use her powers to save a a little girl from being hit by a car.  He is now trying to help her find a way to get back to normal.  He is athletic, cool, and good hearted but gets bad grades in math and english.




Aki Hoshikurai 

"I may be a creature of darkness now, but that doesn't mean that I am evil Haruto-kun"
―Aki Hoshikurai , Episode 1

Haruto Junsuihikari