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Aira Junan  (受難 アイラ Junan Aira) is one of the main characters and the leader in Lovely Romance Pretty Cure!


Aira has should length magenta hair with a side ponytail on the right side of her head with the rest down.

As Cure Love,




Keiko Junan is Aira's mom and she works as a lawyer. She earns a lot of money for her family.

Shin Junan is Aira's dad and he is a famous football player. He teaches Aira and Yuki how to play football.

Yuki Junan is Aira's twin brother. She finds him really annoying but loves learning how to play football with him. She cares about him a lot and helps him live up to his dream which is to be a famous football player like their dad.

Cure Love

"Pure Hearts, Cure Love!"
"純粋な心、キュア ラブ!"
"Junsuina kokoro, Kyua Rabu!"

Cure Love (キュア ラブ Kyua Rabu) is Aira's Pretty Cure alter ego. She represents the power of Love.


Koi Enji is her best friend and her Pretty Cure partner. She has known her ever since grade one when she was saved by her from school bullies.

Juliet is her mascot partner. They get along like sisters and look out for each other.

Teiko Kudo is a Pretty Cure comrade.