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List of Aladdin Monogatari Episodes

Aladdin is a boy who lives in Mulon with his mother. He comes across a genie lamp where he accidentally releases a female genie whose in training name Coral.

The Royal family Royal wizard Omar secretly plans to take over the kingdom. Coral can go in and out of her lamp whenever she wants. Aladdin doesn't know that Coral is a genie.


  • Aladdin - he lives with his mother who is a farmer. He also works in the market place. His mother name is Eliana while his father name is Ari. He is adventurous, caring, charming, brave, loyal intelligent, and cheerful. He wears black pants, red curled shoes and a white long-sleeve shirt. He is 19 years old. He has short spiky brown hair, tan skin and brown eyes. For ep 6 and his Wedding, he wears a white and gold stripe turban, a cream-coloured long-sleeve top, purple shoes and blue pants.
  • Princess Melissa - she is the princess of Mulon. She often sneaks out of the palace as a commoner. She knows what Omar is really planning. She uses alias Cynthia when disguised as a commoner. She usually wears red flats shoes, a long-sleeve purple dress and silver bands with jewels. For exploring outside in disguise she wears a lilac long-sleeve shirt, beige sandals and pastel yellow pants. For her wedding, she wears an Arabian wedding dress, topaz and amethyst necklace and cream-coloured veil. She has tan skin, long curly black hair and brown eyes. She is sweet, courageous, quick-thinking, perceptive and brave.
  • Coral - she is a genie who is currently in training and attends genie school. She became Aladdin master. Because is in training she is can't do some spells yet until she has mastered them. Coral can go in and out of her lamp whenever she wants. Aladdin doesn't know that Coral is a genie. She wears gold bands, red baggy pants with pink decorative patterns, blue short-sleeve shirt, gold vest, white pearls tiara with a blue sapphire, and one pink earring. She has long straight black hair in a ponytail with a white band, tan skin and brown eyes. She is shy and timid but courageous and kind. She graduated from genie school after passing her test from the genie examiner which Cynthia and Aladdin found out she's a genie in Ep 19. She and her lamp ended up in cave when Princes Melissa using Omar staff against him which teleported her and her lamp to that cave when Aladdin left her with Melissa for a few days so she can explore the palace where Omar discovered she is a genie and tried to make her grant his wishes which cause Princess Melissa uses his staff against him. She becomes the Royal family genie in the last episode after the defeat of Omar.
  • Eliana - she is Aladdin Mother who is a farmer. She wears an orange dress with blue accents and orange curled shoes. She is very motherly, stern and loving. She had curly short black hair, tan skin and brown eyes.
  • Kazim - he is the palace animals caretaker. He appeared in ep 18. He is fun-loving and creative but also responsible. He wears light red pants, grey sandals and an orange vest. He has short black straight hair and a moustache, tan skin and brown eyes. He is 32 years old.
  • Ali - a Merchant at the marketplaces. He wears a black turban and a white merchant uniform. He has tan skin, brown eyes and short spiky hair with a short beard and moustache. He is quick-thinking and strict. He is 39 years old.
  • Daniel - he is Fortune teller who has a shop in the marketplace. He wears a green long-sleeve shirt, blue vest, red pants, brown shoes and a fez. He is jolly, wise, intelligent, nice and good. He has short shaggy black hair, tan skin and brown eyes. He appeared in Ep 8. He is 40 years old.
  • Joelle - she is Melissa Lady-in-Waiting. She is aware of Melissa secretly sneaking out of the place disguised as a commoner. She is rightful, good-natured, well-behaved, optimistic, confident, humble, loyal, trustworthy and brave. She has tan skin, brown eyes and short wavy black hair. She is 45 years old. She usually wears a magenta short-sleeve dress, white headscarf, Fuchsia pants, dark purple sash and green sandals.
  • Omar - he's the Royal family Royal wizard. He planning to take over the kingdom. He wears a green and blue wizard uniform. He has a magic staff. He is a trickster, smart and evil. He has tan skin, brown eyes and brown short straight hair. He is 50 years old.
  • Michel - He is the Royal Stable Manager. He wears a red turban, black sandals, brown short–sleeve top and green vest. He has tan skin, brown eyes and short and straight black hair. He is a stern but good man. He 28 years old.
  • King Zane and Queen Adela - Princess Melissa parents and current ruler of Mulon. Zane wears a purple long-sleeve top, brown pants, black shoes and white turban with a red gem. She wears gold jewellery, white pants, dark red long-sleeve top and carrot orange shoes. They both strict, stern, protective, firm, understanding, caring and social. Both have tan skin and brown eyes but Zane has short straight black hair and moustache and Adela has long straight black hair. They are 43 years old while Adela is 6 months younger than him.
  • Eva - she is an orphanage caretaker. She appeared in ep 7. She has tan skin, brown eyes and short curly brown hair. She is motherly, loving and caring. She is 39 years old. She wears a red top with long-sleeves, cyan pants and brown shoes.
  • Prince Abo - he appeared in ep 10 wherefrom another kingdom called he come to visit Mulon for their alliance meeting. He explores Mulon in a commoner disguise. He wears a blue Tunic, white cloak, dark blue long-sleeve shirt, light blue pants, and baby blue shoes and a blue turban with a red feather. He is calm and collected. When disguised as a commoner he wears a red short-sleeve top, Aqua-colored vest, raspberry-coloured pants and tan shoes. He has well-combed and slick brown hair, tan skin and brown eyes.
  • Princess Mira - Melissa younger cousin who appeared in ep 11 who gotten lost and Aladdin and his friends help get back to the palace while exploring Mulon. She is 11 years old. She wears a gold Bracelet, a white long-sleeve shirt, pink jacket, gold and white striped skirt and red flats. She is soft-spoken and kind. She has short straight black hair, tan skin and brown eyes.
  • Adil - he is the captain of the Royal guard nephew who came for a visit in ep 13 where he spends the day with Cynthia, Coral and Aladdin. He wears black Sandals, a red and white stripes vest, a short-sleeve black shirt, blue pants and black belt. He is humorous and easygoing. He has short, brown shaggy hair, tan skin and brown eyes. He is 15 years old.
  • Ramiz - He is Captain of the Mulon Royal guards. He wears a gold vest, red pants, white turban and brown flats. He has tan skin, short and straight black hair and brown eyes. He is 43 years old. He is tough, strict and Stern.
  • Hana - she appeared in ep 14. She is a young woman who is a witch who lost her wand and tried to look for it for but unable until Aladdin and his friends help. She managed to get her wand before Omar got it. She wears blue flats, gold bangles, white pants and a green long-sleeve shirt. She is precise and insightful. She has long brown curly hair in a ponytail with a red band, tan skin and brown eyes. She is 24 years old.
  • Zia - she is Alicorn who appeared in ep 17. She is pink with a silver mane. She is easygoing and confident. She was captured by Omar so she could use her powers for himself but Cynthia stooped him and free him.
  • Adil - He is Pegasus who appeared ep 12. He is white with the blue mane. He was captured by Omar so he could get to the magic wand in his magic home but Cynthia stopped him and freed him. He is quiet and kind.
  • Ari - He is Aladdin father. He has got sick and died when Aladdin was 6 years old. He appeared in flashbacks of ep 16. He was mention in every episode of the series in some way. He used to take Aladdin star gazing. He taught Aladdin to be farmer along with his wife. He was a hardworking and caring family man. He had a lot of friends. He often takes Aladdin to the market place. He has tan skin, brown eyes and short straight black hair. He wears curled brown Shoes, a fern green short-sleeve shirt, auburn pants and lavender sash.
  • Rita - She is the Genie examiner ep 19 who come to test Coral to become a fully trained genie. She is strict and stern to those she tests but is also kind. She wears brown Arab-style shoes, white pants and a white short-sleeve shirt. She has tan skin, brown eyes and short straight black hair in a ponytail with a red band.


  • Mulon - where Aladdin lives