Amaya Kobayashi
小林アマヤ 'Kobayashi Amaya'
Eye ColorDark Blue
Hair ColorBlack with a dark blue streak
Home PlaceKobayashi House
RelativesMizuno Kobayashi (mother)
Kazuhiko Kobayashi (father)
Hideo Kobayashi (little brother)
Japanese Voice ActorMiyuki Sawashiro

Amaya Kobayashi (小林アマヤ Kobayashi Amaya) is the main protagonist of Vampire Chronicles. She was a human before she was bitten and then turned into a vampire.


Amaya was the nerdy girl always spending her nights watching her favorite vampire TV shows, she also spent the day playing her favourite games, dressing like a school girl and going to events dressed as her favorite TV series or game character. She even loved a series (she knows calls lame) about an outer space coming vampire princess and dressed like her and even acted like her. She revealed to Aaron that she always wanted to change but didn't had the guts to do it. She is in love with Aaron but tought that he will never fall in love with a girl like her but she didn't knew that he has in fact feelings for her.

Amaya is actually thankful of Aaron biting her because she took it as the occasion to change herself, to become another person but he said that he always loved her the way she is but if she wanted to change then it's up to her. She is really jealous of Isabella's relationship with Aaron because she knows him more than her, but he revealed to have "ill feelings" for her because she's like "super glue". She is very in love with him and when he saved her from a vampire's attack, it was clear that the two are in love with each other.

She trains a lot using her powers and using her weapon, she has proven to be a powerful opponent, using her rare blue fire abilities and her huge scythe. When Isabella wanted to show her superiority to her, Amaya showed her abilities to everyone and proved to be a great opponent. She is happy to have friends like her, she is happy that the Vampire Council considers her as a vampire but the fact that she has a rare abilities for a human turned vampire, is still a mystery. Then Aaron remembered that there is an ancient legend about a vampire with night blue colored eyes with the rare ability to control blue colored fire and to have great strength. Everyone believes her to be this vampire, Isabella claims that it's just an ancient vampire legend and that nothing confirms this. But when Amaya's fire repelled a wave of corrupted vampires with one blow, it was clear that she is the one the legend talks about. Knowing this, she trains harder to be worth being this legendary vampire.


Amaya was a shy girl and was afraid of talking to the others, she was always in her bubble and spent her time alone. She ate alone and was not going out usually, she stayed at home watching her (formerly favourite) TV series or playing games.

After she was bitten she changed a lot more: she is sassy and rebellious, altough she is smart, kind and warm-hearted. She isn't afraid of speaking her mind and of talking to the others. She isn't even afraid of saying what she thinks about someone and mostly to Fumiko (the girl who used to bully her). Amaya even kissed Aaron after the moment he saved her, they are know a couple and she is happy about that.

She is also a fierce opponent and is powerful enough to beat powerful vampires like Isabella, she is very tough and is a hard fighter.


Amaya has night blue eyes and black straight hair, she formerly wore black-framed glasses, she usually worn school uniform like dresses and sneakers. She has pale skin.

Following her transformation she didn't needed her glasses anymore, she has a night blue streak on her hair, she now wears leather vest, stylish clothes, sunglasses and make-up, she also usually wear high heel boots. She wears a gold triangle necklace adorned with a night blue triangle and at the end there is gold fringes.


As a vampire, she has a weapon to defend herself and her weapon of choice is her scythe: Midnight Rose, a blue/black scythe which takes the form of a white/purple rose with a black bat wings. With her fire abilities, she can ignite the blade to make her attacks even more powerful.

When it is laid dormant, the Midnight Rose takes the form of the purple-ish white rose she wears on her belt.

Becoming a VampireEdit

While going home, Amaya took the path of a forest and it was dark, she heard something and saw a boy wandering in the forest, that boy (Aaron) saw her, he ran trough her and watched her and bit her. She was screaming of fear and fainted. He took her with him and put her in the front of her home. The next morning she had a painful headache.

She was feeling great after her transformation but weeks after, she fell physically weak and ill and Aaron told her that she has to drink human blood to not let her mortal body die but she refused at first. But after she fell even more weak, she drank the blood of one human she saw, becoming a full-fledged vampire. Her powers have not strengthened and her hunger for blood was less powerful.


  • Blood Consumption - As a vampire, she can drink blood.
  • Enhanced Strength - Amaya can lift things twice her weight, she can break doors, huge rocks, walls and can easily overpower great opponents.
  • Enhanced Speed - She can move faster than normal human, so fast that she gives the impression to teleport. She can dodge attacks easier with her speed.
  • Enhanced Durability - She can withstand punches, falling debris and kicks, longer than normal humans, she can also stay in very cold places longer than a human without freezing.
  • Enhanced Agility - She can do higher jumps, can do incredible figures like back-flips, sprints and other athletic feats with ease.
  • 'Flight - Amaya can fly without wings, she can fly very fast and can also levitate.
  • Shapeshifting - She can shapeshift into a swarm of bats. She also used this power to transform into a raven.
  • Telepathy - She can read other people's mind and communicate with them using her mind.
  • Telekinesis - She can move things with her minds or change an object's directional course, she can also hold, destroy and levitate objects using this power.
  • Hypnosis - She can control other people's mind with this power and force them to obey her.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor - She can heal from little wounds to huge injuries in seconds.
  • Blue Pyrokinesis - She can manipulate blue fire, fire more intense than normal orange fire, she can incinerate, heat and burn things easily.
  • Pyrokinetic Constructs - She can create fire walls, blades, arrows and other many things using her pyrokinetic abilities.
  • Pyrokinetic Combat - She can fuse her combat abilities with her pyrokinesis.


  • Her favorite foods are meatloaf, roasted beef with potatoes, waffles, crepes and vanilla ice cream.
  • Her favorite drinks are chocolate smoothie, black tea and hot chocolate with whipped cream.
  • Her favorite color is night blue.
  • She formerly had her room full of figurines, games and sci-fi films DVDs and books.
    • She also formerly loved a series about an outer-space vampire princess called "Telethana".
    • She said that she burned all the dvds and books of Princess Telethana.
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