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The lead cure of Magic.Com Pretty Cure.  Her online name is LadySally12 and her cure identity is Cure Magic.

Ami Mahōkokoro
Cure Magic.png
Kanji 亜美魔法心
Age 34 (chronologically)

14 (psychically)

Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Dirty Blonde (Ami Mahōkokoro)

Pink (LadySally12 & Cure Magic)

Eye Color Red (Ami Mahōkokoro)

Gold (Cure Magic) Pink (LadySally12)

Personal Status
Relatives Minaku Mahōkokoro (Father)

Rina Mahōkokoro (Mother) Ken Mahōkokoro (Older Brother) Miki Kenta (Younger Sister)

Occupation Middle school Student



She is chronologically 34 but physically 14 years because she was in a VR-3 induced coma for the last 20 years.  She decides to continue attending middle school after coming out of her coma despite being chronologically 34 years old. She also continues dating her old boyfriend despite him appearing older then her and being her home room teacher as well.


She is a sweet, brave, and smart but shy and nervous young girl.  She loves magical girl anime and manga, fairy tales, fantasy novels, super hero comics and tv show and movies, and anything with fairies and unicorns. Her favorite book is Stolen Away. Her favorite animal is a cat.  Her favorite fairy tale is the White Cat.  Her favorite anime and manga franchise is Sailor Moon.

Powers and abilities[]

Her theme color is pink. Her powers are and she is a mage type player as a pretty cure. She shows an unlimited magic and fighting ability in battle. She acts the leader of Magic.Com Pretty Cure when in battle and works hard in her job as a moderator of Mahoku.