Angel Sweet! PreCure! is a fan series by PrincessLittleAngel1314. CureSailorMoon1617 is director and co-writer.
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3 sisters are given the power to become pretty cures and fight evil forces.


Pretty Cures

Aiko Ai / Cure HeartLove

She is a sweet and smart young girl who is pure hearted and super helpful.  She has long dirty blonde hair with bangs and hazel eyes, she has long pink hair, and pink eyes as a pretty cure.  Her theme color is pink and motif is fairies.

Maiko Ai / Cure FlutterSweet

She is sweet and caring little girl who is super cute and energetic.  She has shoulder length light blonde hair and light blue eyes, she long flowing blonde hair, and blu eyes as pretty cure. Her theme color is violet and motif is princesses.

Reiko Ai / Cure MusicalDrama

She is a smart and serious young girl who is over dramatic and super scary when angry.  She has short light brown hair and dark green eyes, she has long curly light blue hair, and silver blue eyes as a pretty cure.  Her theme color is blue and motif is stars.


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