Battle Prince of Euphoria

Battle Prince
(Yūforia no batoru Purinsu)

Battle Prince of Euphoria (ユーフォリアのバトルプリンス Yūforia no Batoru Purinsu?) is an Japanese-American magical boy comic book series created by CureKurogane. The first volume was published by Kodansha Comics as well as Tokyopop Comics. The series focuses on a young man named Hiro, who finds out that he is the lost prince of a fallen kingdom named Igneous set in a magical world called Euphoria. With the help of his new friends, Andy, Kyle, Ryker, and Wolfgang who are also lost princes of their respectice kingdoms of the tainted world. Together, the five become the Battle Princes and fight an evil wizard, who desires to take over the Earth by finding a mystical artifact called the Prism Lotus of the the Sacred Crystal Branch. Battle Prince takes the elements from the 2014 French animated series, LoliRock.


17-year-old, Hiro is a third-year high school student living in the beautiful city of Sequoia Beach, California. He thought that he's was going to live a normal life until he meets a young lioness-like creature named Aurora, who claims to come from a magical world called Euphoria which was attacked by a dark wizard named Daimos, whose desires to rule the Euphoria and the Earth. And to making things more shocking, Hiro is told that he is the lost prince of a kingdom in Euphoria called Igneous, and the only way to save Euphoria is if he finds a mystical artifact called the Prism Lotus.

With his new friends, Andy, Kyle, Ryker, and Wolfgang, who are also the lost princes from Euphoria, the five become the Battle Princes and their mission... protecting the Earth and retrieving the Prism Lotus to restore Euphoria.


Battle PrincesEdit

Hiro , Prince of Igneous 
voiced by Vincent Tong
Hiro is a humble and charismatic young man who is very artistic and loves to read who lives with his father, Yuuji. He is the leader of the Battle Princes and tries to show his teammates that he can be a strong leader, and it shows that he has a strong crush on Keisha. He is originally from the kingdom of Igneous, and his theme color is red/orange. His element is Fire.

Andy , Prince of Lumiere 
voiced by Julie Lemieux
Andy is a cheerful and outgoing young man who enjoys having fun and doesn't hate anyone, especially to ones who get annoyed with him. He loves playing video games and is completely girl-crazy and doesn't do well in his classes, much to Hiro's chagrin. Andy is originally from the kingdom of Lumiere and his theme color is pink. His element is Holy light.

Kyle , Prince of Thundra 
voiced by Tara Strong
Kyle is a gentle young man who is very intelligent and calm. He comes from a middle-class yet loving family who wants the best for him. Like Hiro, Kyle has an artistic background and has a passion for cooking. He is oblivious to Puck's charm, but soon opens up later on in the series. He originally from the kingdom of Thundra and his theme color is yellow. His element is Electricity.

Ryker , Prince of Zephyron 
voiced by Daniel DeSanto
Ryker is shown to be a quiet young man who is shown to be very serious and a skilled guitarist. But that's just is his outer shell, inside he is very light-hearted and is very smart. He is often seen being annoyed by Andy's carefree attitudes and would often argue with him causing Hiro to come in between them. He is originally from the kingdom of Zephyron and his theme color is green. His element is Wind.

Wolfgang , Prince of Aquaria 
voiced by David Matranga
Wolfgang is the last member of the team who is shown to be very popular with the girls. He is incredibly handsome from head to toe and comes from a high-class family whose father is a lawyer. However, Wolfgang is shown to be clueless at times and has a sense of adventure, meaning that he enjoys fighting evil as a Battle Prince. He is originally from the kingdom of Aquaria and his theme color is blue. His element it Water.


Voiced by Neve Campbell
Aurora is a young lioness fairy from Euphoria, sent to find the Battle Princes. She met Hiro for the first time and didn't get a warm welcoming from him, because of her ability to talk. Aurora became Hiro's pet after she told him about the history of Euphoria and offers him to train his Battle Prince powers as well as the other boys, who later awaken their abilities.

Voiced by Keke Palmer
Keisha is a girl that goes to Sequoia Prep High School with the Battle Princes. She is a beautiful girl who works as a model part-time and is often ogled by guys, and even by Andy one time. However, she is shown to notice Hiro's crush on her and is shown to have a crush on him because of his charisma and humble attitude. Keisha is shown to be aware of the boys' secrets as the Battle Princes and she herself is holding a deep secret.

Voiced by Kirk Thornton

Voiced by Sela Victor

Voiced by Cristina Vee

Voiced by Ben Diskin

Voiced by Steven Jay Blum


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