Beautiful Cartoon Girls is a series from the Beautiful Magic Girls Franchise. 


In this universe, cartoons and the human world are connected! but the dark king wants to destroy the relation between the worlds! 5 gardians and their owners are choosen to defeat this evil threat. Can they do it in time for the Cartoon festival?


Aisha Midorikawa/Unique Heart

Aisha is a girl who is ready to help those in need, but can be pushy and stubborn. she wears her hair up in a ponytail, wears the normal outfit for school, and when out in public, she wears a pink turtleneck, brown leggings, and wears a heart necklace. her partner is Uniqua, and her alter ego is Unique Heart. she is also the lead, but that is argubale because lizzy is seen as the lead sometimes. and her catchprase is 'Why Me?'

Saki Sashabasha/ Snorklove

saki is a prim and cute girl who is not afraid to get her hands or hair dirty if someone is hurt. she also has a huge crush on Mason, but he does not return her feelings, and only sees her as a freind. sh has her hair in pigtails, wears the normal outfit for school, and has a white dress and has a yellow chain at her ankle. her partner is Snorkmaiden, and her alter ego is Snorklove.

Wilma Simpson/ RedWonder

Wilma is a strong willed and tomboyish girl, who has a rocky past with her big sister. she is a brunette with plats, wears a red hat, and wears a red jacket and grey shorts. her partner is Wonder Red, and her alter ego is Redwonder.

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