Bishoujo Senshi Cynthia
(Bishōjo Senshi Shinshia)
Original RunFebruary 2015
Opening SongYour Harmony
Ending SongDear ~Nozomi no Chikara~
Bishoujo Senshi Cynthia (美少女戦士シンシア Bishōjo Senshi Shinshia?, translated as Pretty Guardian Cynthia) is a magical girl series produced and created by CureHibiki. The series focuses on a robot girl known as Cynthia, who as Nishida Chihiro, fights against an unknown enemy to stop the universe, humanity, and robots from being wiped out.

Confirmation and Production

Bishoujo Senshi Cynthia started out as an idea on this thread after User:Cure Alumi gave User:CureHibiki the thumbs up in able to create a series with a magical girl who was also a robot. The plot was then revealed shortly afterwards. Four hours later, the main protagonist's names was announced along with the series title. An hour later, the opening and ending themes was posted onto the page. On 12th November, 2014, the month of when the series was to premiere was announced. About two days after, it was announced that Cynthia would have a side kick named Mikuru.


There is a world where all robots live called Ballast. Which they have been living peacefully in until the war happened. Robots and humans have been at war for many of years and it is still going on in the year of 4014 with no winner in sight.
One robot in particular named Cynthia wishes for this war to end because of how much she is interested in humans. So one day she disguises herself as human named Nishida Chihiro to find out the hatred between humans and robots. But just as she begins this investigation, an unknown enemy appears to not only wipe out humanity and robots but also the universe! So in order to save her species, humanity and the universe, Cynthia becomes a magical girl after a mysterious power enters her human/robot body so she can fight against this enemy. Will she become the savior of both species and the universe or will she be the reason behind their end?



Cynthia (シンシア Shinshia?)/ Nishida Chihiro (西田千尋 Nishida Chihiro?)
The main protagonist of the series. Cynthia is a young robot who is kind, sweet and full of curiosity. She hates war and can easily be frightened. She can be extremely shy at times and loves to read stories about romance and sci-fi. She is able to change into a human named Nishida Chihiro to find out the reason behind robots and humans hatred for each other.

Hoshino Mikuru (星野みくる Hoshino Mikuru?)
Cynthia's ally who acts as her sidekick in battle. Mikuru is a fourteen year old girl who says she is the unluckiest person on Earth. She is always happy to help others and loves anime and manga, especially ones that have to do with magical girls and action. She is very creative and as Cynthia's ally, she uses the Royale Tarot Cards to help her in battle.


Dale (デイル Deiru?)
The strongest of the group. Dale is hard working and is very close to Christian. He wishes for him or Christian to become their Master's right hand man instead of the others because he loathes them very much. He loathes humans and robots a lot and was the one to suggest that they get exterminated.

Christian (クリスチャン Kurisuchan?)
The quietest of the group. Christian is very secretive and is very good with words. He is very close with Dale but doesn't really care about being the right hand man of "Master", he just doesn't like robots or humans. He hates listening to others and isn't afraid to attack Cynthia while she is mid transformation.

Anita (アニタ Anita?)
The spoiled one of the group. Anita hates not getting what she wants which results in her throwing a fit until she gets it. She is very strong despite her weak, princess-like body but she often rushes into battle without thinking out a plan before hand. She always losing in arguments which makes her think her life is unfair.

Creux (クレアックス Kureakkusu?)
The fairest of the group. Creux is a man who hates being at a higher level than others. He is often very calm and collected but like Anita, he can throw a fit if no one agrees with him. He can be quite slow at processing things but always does his best to please everyone around him.

Etoile (エトワール Etowāru?)

Other Characters

Georgia (ジョージャ Jōja?)


  • Metallic Ring (メタリックリング Metarikku Ringu?): The item that Cynthia uses to transform into her magical girl form. It can also give her the power to switch between Robot and Human form with ease. Mikuru shortens the name to MetaRing (メタリング MetaRingu?).
  • Royale Tarot Cards (ロワイヤルタロットカード Rowaiyaru Tarotto Kādo?): The items that Mikuru gains after expressing how much she wants to help Cynthia. Each cards consists of different powers and mostly consists of the Royale Deck.



Act 1: War, Darkness, Magic (Act 1 戦争、暗闇、魔法 Act 1 Sensō, Kurayami, Mahō?)





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