Blood on the Ballroom ボールルームの血液, is a Horror-Shonen anime.

The Episodes are 12.


a girl named kelly wants to be a spy,to save her friends who also 3 sisters named felicity,mary and lucia and her best friend named chesterine.

main characters:

kelly (keri): is a 10 years old and protagonist of the series. She is only child of her parents James and Rita


brittany smith (buritani sumitu): is a 10 years old and she is kelly's enemy.

supporting characters:

chesterine (ciusterinu): is kelly's best friend, she has black with blue stripe hair and purple eyes amd she is 10 years old.

felicity (fuericiti): is one of kelly's friends,12 years old and mary and lucia's older sister.

mary (meri): is one of kelly's friends,10 years old,felicity's younger sister and lucia's older sister.

lucia (rucia): is one of kelly's friends,7 years old and felicity and mary's younger sister.

james and rita (jeimsu to rita): are kelly's parents.

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