Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Itou Shizuka Chinatsu Kiseki unknown unknown unknown Single 1

Bloom! Floretta Pretty Cure! (ブルーム! フロレッタプリキュア! Burūmu! Furorettapurikyua!?) is the opening song of Floretta Pretty Cure!. The song is sung by Itou Shizuka, the voice actress of Hanayama Iris.

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The opening begins with Iris, Alani, Mizu and Sakura staring up at the sunset with Iris turning around and making her trademark "peace sign". The title then follows the 4 as they transform into Romatin, Aloe, Myrtille and Primavera respectively. Phlox then starts dancing on the title causing it to turn into flowers and sparkles.


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