A List of Episodes in Magical Molly!

  1. Molly's new day
    • Japanese: 彼女の夢の中で謎の少女 (The mysterious girl in her dreams)
  2. A Promise to make
    • Japanese: あなたの本当の願いは何ですか? (What's your true wish?)
  3. Maria's last battle?
    • Japanese: マリアの最終決戦? (Maria's Final Battle?)
  4. The sword-wielding Magical Girl
    • Japanese: 剣と青髪の魔法少女 (The Blue-haired Magical Girl with swords)
  5. Kacey, the red-haired Magical Girl
    • Japanese: 赤髪の魔法少女:ケイシー (The Red-haired Magical Girl: Kacey)
  6. The Fight
    • Japanese: 2魔法少女の間で決めるバトル(?)(A deciding battle (?) between two Magical girls)
  7. Sabrina's Despair
    • Part 1 Japanese: 究極の絶望 (The Ultimate Despair)
  8. The shocking truth
    • art 2 Japanese: サブリナの終焉 (Sabrina's demise)
  9. The Mermaid Knight Witch
    • (Japanese: 人魚騎士魔女が登場!(The Mermaid Knight witch appears!)
  10. Prelude
    • Japanese: 前奏曲:魔法少女の暗黒の秘密!(Prelude: The Dark Secret of the Magical Girls!)
  11. Hilda's decision
    • (Japanese: 究極のクライマックス!ヒルダVSワルプルギス!  (The Ultimate Climax! Hilda vs Walpurgis!)
  12. Farewell, Molly
    • Japanese: 最終決戦!モリーの別れ! (The final battle! Molly's farewell!)

The 11th & 12th Episodes are delayed of airing in October due to the premiere of Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story in Japan. The last two Episodes are returned to air this November.

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