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Cinderella ~Another Story~ (シンデレラ 〜アナザー ストーリー〜 Shinderera 〜 Anazā Sutōrī 〜) is an anime series created by CureKanade.


Cinderella ~Another Story~ Episodes

Nakaya Iona is a bright third year student at Hoshimiya Academy who thinks of herself as Cinderella because of how two twin sisters named Fujikawa Ria and Mia bully her and make her do everything for them and always make sure she doesn't talk to Aino Akihiro. When two transfer students transfer into Iona's class, they find out about what is going on and decide to help her make her dream come true and become her first real friends. But how can they help Iona when her life starts going downhill from when they transfer to her class?

Main Characters

Nakaya Iona (中谷 いおな Nakaya Iona) - Iona is the main protagonist of the series. She is a bright seventeen year old girl who is in her third year of Hoshimiya Academy. She is always bullied by Mia and Ria and due to her mum being sick and living in the hospital and her father dead, Iona has to live with her auntie who is sometimes very mean and rude. Iona loves to sing and dance and dreams of marrying Aino Akihiro and wants to run away from her horrible life with him.

Yosei (よせい Yosei) - Yosei is a mysterious girl who first appeared in Episode 3, watching Iona being picked on by Mia and Ria. She is a fairy godmother in training  and she was told that her assignment was to be Nakaya Iona, who she must grant 5-8 wishes to. She has a cheerful and loud personality but when she is focusing on  a job ahead, she is very serious. Yosei occasionally tells very good advice.

Nakajima Yuko (中島 ゆこ Nakajima Yuko) - Yuko is a transfer student who befriends Hayato on her first day and always tries her best to help Iona in her situation. She has a helpful personality and she loves seeing everyone happy and smiling. Yuko befriends Iona and really likes her and tries her best to stand-up for her against Mia and Ria but is bullied as well, which makes her angry.

Abe Hayato (安倍 はやと Abe Hayato) - Hayato is a transfer student who befriends Yuko on his first day at Hoshimiya Academy. He is friendly and always calm and always does his best to persuade Mia and Ria to stop bullying Iona but is told to go away each time. He may be calm and smart, but he can get angry easily and always tells the truth, since he hates lying.

Fujikawa Ria (藤川 リア Fujikawa Ria) - Ria is the twin sister of Mia. She and her sister used to be family friends of Iona's family but after Iona's father died, she and her sister became distant from the Nakaya family and after a year, they started bullying Iona, making her do everything for her and Mia. Ria is a mean, calculating girl who doesn't care about anyone except herself and Mia. She used to be the nicer twin when she was younger.

Fujikawa Mia (藤川 ミア Fujikawa Mia) - Mia is the twin sister of Ria. She and her sister, Ria, used to be family friends of Iona's family but after Iona's father died, she and her sister became distant from the Nakaya family and after a year, they started bullying Iona, making her do everything for her and Mia. Mia is a shy, quiet girl who when she speaks, rude thing come out of her mouth. She was always the quiet twin when she was younger. She can be a bit loud though.

Aino Akihiro (愛野 明弘 Aino Akihito) - Akihiro is the prince of Iona's dream. He is calm, smart, good looking and sporty and all girls in the academy adore him. He acts like he doesn't notice any of the attention and every time he gets a love letter, he quietly put it in a bag and chucks them out. Akihiro is always seen hanging out with his best friends and always looks like he is having a good time.

Nakaya Rina (中谷 リナ Nakaya Rina) - Iona's mother. She gets sick in Episode 2 and is seen looking like she acts like a house wife. Rina is a fun-loving mother who does everything in her power to make Iona happy when she comes home from school upset. She gets sick quite easily. Even though the twins are rude to her daughter, Rina acts kind to them and invites them over but sadly is rejected by their mother. She falls in love with Mikanki Seiji and marries him in Episode 11.

Kazuyo (和代 Kazuyo) - Kazuyo is the childhood friend of Yosei. He is a fairy good trainee and he wishes his assignment could be Iona as well so he could be with Yosei. Kazuyo is the trickster of all the fairy god trainees and he loves to see people laugh from his tricks or jokes. When someone he loves is hurt, Kazuyo will do anything in his power to make them smile again. His assignment is Fujikawa Mia.

Supporting Characters

Mikanki Seiji (未換気 誠司 Mikanki Seiji) - The step-father of Iona and the husband of Rina. He is strict towards Iona and Luna and is a businessman and is often away from home doing business trips. He comes back every three days though to see how his wife and daughters are going. His daughter is Luna.

Amano-sensei (天野 先生 Amano Sensei) - The homeroom and maths teacher of Iona, Yuko, Hayato, Akihiro, Mia and Ria.

Aunt Suzune (叔母 スズネ Oba Suzune) - The auntie of Iona. She allows Iona to stay over at her house while her sister, Rina, is stuck in the hospital sick. She can be rude and mean but only when something isn't done that she wanted to be done.

Mikanki Luna (未換気 ルナ Mikanki Runa) - Luna is Iona's stepsister who is very kind and friendly. She loves to draw and sing and likes helping out with the chores with Iona. Her father is Seiji and really likes Rina while she thinks her father is okay but not awesome.

Rara (ララ Rara) - She is one of the fairy godparents and is a adviser and mentor of many fairy god trainees. She poses as a guidance councilor at Hoshimiya Academy. Like other fairygodparent's, Rara has a wand and lives for a very long time. Rara overlooks the progress of the fairy god parent trainees.


  • This is based of the movie, Cinderella.

Character Quotes



  • You must have courage if you want to do the right thing and want to pursue your dreams.
  • The love you feel from your heart so passionately is true.
  • Family and friends are the treasures you have as the most valuable. Even if you don't have one of them, than you have nothing.