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The Crystal Prince Swords (クリスタルプリンスソード Kurisutaru Purinsu Sōdo?) are the main weapons in Happy! Prince PreCure  that are used by the Prince Pretty Cures to perform their Royal Infinity Guard and Five Star Explosion attacks as well allowing Cure Phoenix, Saint, Zeus, Armor, and Charming to perform their upgraded attacks. They were first introduced on Episode 13 , where Phoenix used the Sword for the first time to fight the Zetsubou.


The Crystal Prince Sword are large magical swords that were used by the first Prince Pretty Cures to defeat Queen Tempest. Each sword is created by the Princes respective gemstone and elemental power and can access the power of the Prince Jewel Keys.

  • Cure Phoenix's Crystal Prince Sword is the Phoenix Spinel Sword
  • Cure Saint's Crystal Prince Sword is the Saint Tourmaline Sword.
  • Cure Zeus' Crystal Prince Sword is the Zeus Diamond Sword.
  • Cure Armor's Crystal Prince Sword is the Armor Emerald Sword.
  • Cure Charming's Crystal Prince Sword is the Charming Sapphire Sword.


  • Since Go! Princess has wand-like weapons, like in most magical girl anime, Happy! Prince has swords as weapons since male heroes use swords in some magical girl anime.
  • The Crystal Prince Swords are modeled after the swords from Magic Knight Rayearth.