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Date A Live (4Kids Dub)
TV Series information
Directed by Keitaro Motonaga
Producers Koshi Tachibana

Norman J Grossfeld

Writers Hideki Shirane

Hitoshi Tanaka

Takaaki Suzuki

Episodes 10 (originally)

8 (actually)

Airdate January 2014
Languages English
Music By 4Kids Entertainment
Picture format HDTV 1080p
Studio AIC+
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment

Fujimi Shobo

Original Channel Cartoon Network


Date A Live (also known as 4Kids Entertainment's Date A Live) is one of the Anime dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment. The series aired on Cartoon Network/Nick HD in 2014. The series was later made into compilation movies. The anime was Licensed by FUNImation Entertainment and has already 13 episodes english subtitled and dubbed.


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Italic-highlighted Episodes are the only ones released in DVD.

  1. Samuel and the Super Being (Part 1)
  2. Samuel and the Super Being (Part 2)
  3. Samuel and Tamara
  4. Here comes Yarona
  5. Ground Zero
  6. A New Girl in Town
  7. Kassandra
  8. A Fiery Fight
  9. Fun in the Sun (Canceled)
  10. Grand Fiery Finale (Canceled)

NOTE: Due to the license being dropped, the series only ended in Episode 8.


The two-parter movie is an abridged retelling of the first & second half of the dubbed series. However similar to the TV series' license being dropped, Part 2 isn't made.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2 (Canceled)



  • Ending theme: ???

Differences from the original TV Series[]

Censorship made in the series[]

  • In the series, some skin parts on the Spirit's bodies are censored by putting them in semi-transparent suits. However those edits are taken off since Episode 3.
    • Since Episode 4, they only edited the boob & butt lines.
  • Some signs are edited by multiplying caution (!) signs.
  • Reine's eyebags are removed. (Also taken off since Episode 3)

    She really must have a good nap...only in the alternate universe.

  • Kurumi's cannibalism is also heavily altered.



The series were nearly panned by Anime fans, but the series fared well than Magical Molly!.


  • Comparison between the censored spirits (left) and Natsumi (Right)

    The skin censorship in this show presumably homages the new upcoming character: Natsumi (七罪) from the actual Date A Live Light Novel series (See image from the right).
  • This dubbed series is the second 4Kids dub to be aired in HD format.