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Detective Kotoba (探偵ことば Tantei Kotoba) is CureKanade's first anime that she created on this wiki.


In the present, there is a thirteen year old detective named Kotoba Shinku, who uses her heart pendant to solve mysteries. When Kotoba was fighting the criminal group named Striking Magic, her pendant went missing, which stores all her magic powers. Will Kotoba get her pendant back and catch Striking Magic one and for all?



Kotoba Shinku (真紅 ことば Shinku Kotoba) is the main protagonist of the series. She is a cheerful girl who loves solving mysteries. She is the best detective in the world and likes solving things alone.

Misao Tenki (天気 操 Tenki Misao)

Hinata Yamabuki (山吹 日向 Yamabuki Hinata)

Police Force

Striking Magic