EVOLUTION: ~Entering The New World~
えりゅしょん: ~新しい世界に入ります~
(Eboryushon: ~Atarashi Sekai Ni Hairimasu~)
Original RunOctober, 2015
Episodes24 Episodes
Opening SongFear, And Loathing In Las Vegas: "Evolution" (New Version)
Ending SongFear, And Loathing In Las Vegas: "Believe Yourself"
Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas: "Evolution" (New Version) (Final Episode ED)

EVOLUTION: ~Entering The New World~ (えりゅしょん: ~新しい世界に入ります~, Eboryushon: ~Atarashi Sekai Ni Hairimasu~), more commonly spoken of in its shortened form simply as EVO (エボ, Ebo) is an original anime written and published by ElectroDevil17. The series is produced as a work of reconciliation between the studios of GAINAX and TRIGGER, and as such, the characters, world, and setting of EVO possesses many of the design characteristics and animation tropes associated with either studio and their corresponding works.

It is a rewritten/reimagined, alternate universe work based on Me!Me!Me! and its related music video, Girl. It covers numerous different genres, masking itself as a comedy and slice of life adventure anime, tied together with music. At its core, EVO is a work of romance, drama, tragedy, action, horror, science fiction and angst, which will tear apart a close group of childhood friends and trigger a bitter rivalry between former best friends and main protagonists, Shuichiro Takaki and Keisuke Minami. EVO is also a highly music-based series, possessing a number of musical numbers which are directly used in the universe as well as play in the background of many scenes throughout the course of EVO's episodes.


In the year 2146, Neo Tokyo is the largest, most valuable, and most advanced city in japan, and one of the most advanced locations on earth. Here is where dreams are realized, where young men and women from all over the world come to pursue lifestyles of fame and fortune. This is the place that the protagonist figures of EVO call their home. Since the founding and development of the catharsis system, those with innate talent in the creation and distribution of music -- which is now known as NoiZe due to the behavior of the catharsis system -- can compose and release brilliant musical pieces on the go and in real time. Thousands have been made overnight celebrities by translating their innate affinity to NoiZe, which is treated like ecnomical lifeblood in the bustling metropolos if Neo Tokyo, for NoIze is more than just music, it has evolved into supernautral phenomena.

Phenomena which links and bonds human beings through the catharsis system, which triggers and gives rise to supernatural events, quite literally transforming the world of Neo Tokyo into a beautiful, never-ending musical paradise of continuous NoiZe distribution. In this miraculous world, a group of friends have come together to compose the 7 piece band known as EVO. Founded and widely directed by scream vocalist Keisuke Minami, EVO wishes to distribute their unique, rare hybrid NoiZe born of the close bond between their members to society, but when a mysterious, malignant virus is sent through the catharsis system, infecting and corrupting NoiZe, the group are employed by the mysterious government organization known as Extase to fight against the monsters created by the corrupted NoiZe phenomenon with their power extremely powerful NoiZe which can be used as a weapon. Overnight, EVO becomes the reluctant protectors of humanity.


EVO starts out as a highly comedy-based series with intense action scenes, slice of life characteristics and soft science fiction tropes driving the plot, as the main characters do battle against monstrous mutant freaks born out of the mysterious virus that creates and continuously produces corrupt NoiZe. The story telling, battles and events are highly musical, and many sequences are directly interelated with musical pieces by Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas, who in the world of the anime, represent the NoiZe created by EVO. However, as the episodes progress, the sense of continued rising angst develops into drama, and drama develops into tragedy. The series eventually takes on a very serious, dark plot which will see the lifelong friendships and romances between the characters broken to pieces and becoming completely irredeemable.

Animation StyleEdit

Like most other productions released by the studios of GAINAX and TRIGGER, the partnering of the two company's has resulted in EVO being a rather brilliant, smooth, and pleasing work. The animation is extremely smooth, vibrant, pleasing to the eye, and lifelike, not unlike that of productions such as the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. The characters themselves are rather toned down in comparison to the more wild and deformed animation models produced by the studios. The actual styling sense and world aesthetic is that of hiroyuki imaishi's rather outlandish. Intense, vibrant neon colors compose an advanced soft science fiction world, as well as its characters, a design sense not unlike that of the space dandy universe. Neo Tokyo in particular is a bustling, neon metropolis which appears like a giant EDM concert set more than anything else.



Shuichiro Takaki is introduced as the main protagonist of the series. In truth he is a false protagonist and has the role of deuteragonist, the second most important character after Case-K. In the public eye he is known as Sxu-Chan, the identity he uses when appearing in EVO. His best and greatest friend is Case-K. Sxu-Chan wields an extremely powerful NoiZe, which is born whenever he sings and is capable of inducing profound supernatural phenomena within the catharsis system. Because of this, he does the clean and singing vocals in all NoiZe created by EVO. He is romantically involved with Hanami, the synthesizer player of the band, though he has a lingering romantic attraction for EVO's secondary clean vocalist, Mimiko Hasami.


Keisuke Minami is known by his stage identity in EVO as Case-K. He is the true protagonist, and at the same time is becomes something of an antagonist or tragic protagonist in the series as it progresses. He is the true founder of the band EVO in the series, and is his immense affinity for NoiZe allows him to direct all sound created by EVO in a way that exceeds any other member. In the band he does the harsh, scream vocals when composing NoiZe, and has a large role in the sound. He and Shuichiro have a bond so close that they consider one another brothers, who grew up together in an orphanage. He is the one responsible for stabilizing Mimiko's NoiZe, achieving the impossible feat of tempering and connecting it with his own, which built the basis of all sound created by EVO. Because of his own continuous, lifelong reject, the experience caused him to develop a profound connection to Mimiko, more so than any other member within his circle of friends that compose EVO.

Mimiko HasamiEdit

The third member of EVO and one of the original, founding members of the group. Mimiko is an extremely gifted NoiZe maker, who achieves NoiZe of profound power and strength with the greatest of ease. Her identity in the band is MeMe-Chan, and she is one of the two girls who have been friends with Sxu-Chan and Case-K since they were all children. Mimiko is said to be even more powerful than either Keisuke or Shuichiro, but she can only realize her true potential under certain circumstances. She is the secondary clean vocalist of EVO, and becomes the focus of romantic attraction for both keisuke and shuichiro towards the middle of the series, quickly igniting their bitter rivalry between one another.

Hanami MatsudaEdit

Universal TermsEdit


NoiZe is what is generated by the catharsis system. General knowledge is that NoiZe is simply music, but in fact, it is a force that is much more complex than simple music. NoiZe is the realized form of a human beings emotions that is translated directly into sound. A complex and intricate arrangement, a supernatural phenomenon, audio generated by naught but the presence of the one creating it, NoiZe is a structure that is quite literally the personification of a persons talent in music, but more than that, it is the sound of their heart. Happiness, Excitement, Tenderness, Fear, Anger, Sadness, all of these things and more can be translated into NoiZe to create something beautiful, and through NoiZe, celebrities and music stars are made daily in Neo Tokyo, their works circulated to thousands.


The Catharsis System is a brilliant tool which makes the miracle of NoiZe possible. Countless people all over the world have the catharsis system, which is a simple application on ones smartphone. A soft science fiction concept, the catharsis system integrates and interfaces with a persons nanomachines, unlocking their potentiality and making the phenomenon of NoiZe possible in their environment. If NoiZe is the music, then the catharsis can be considered a method of broadcasting that music, making objects such as speakers and amplifiers widely irrelevant and a forgotten, ancient obsolete tool of the past. Through the catharsis system, a composer can do little more than focus on their emotions and unleash them in order to create a beautiful NoiZe.

Vegas PhenomenonEdit

The Vegas Phenomenon is the a NoiZe anomaly that shouldn't exist, and prior to its creation it was previously thought impossible to contain or create. The Vegas Phenomenon exists between two individuals linked by catharsis, Case-K and MeMe-Chan. It is a hybrid sound of extremely pure, euphoric and powerful NoiZe that was born through the reconciliation of their own NoiZe signatures. It was an impossible concept due to the fact that Case-K's sound and MeMe-Chan's sound are polar opposites and utterly incompatible, a NoiZe of aggressive post hardcore metal, and a NoiZe of intense high tempo electronic dance music. These two signatures cannot co-exist, and whenever they are linked, they simply overload and shatter. However, Case-K achieved the impossible and managed to successfully link his NoiZe with MeMe-Chan's, creating the only existing example of the vegas phenomenon, which no other individual on earth has been able to replicate. When Case-K and MeMe-Chan link with catharsis, they create the basis of sound for the entire EVO group, which is the only NoiZe powerful enough to battle the mutant monsters that were created by the virus spread in corrupt NoiZe.

Sonic EuphoriaEdit

Audio EffigyEdit

Ambient HorizonEdit


Episode 24: "Entering The New World: Keisuke's Last Serenade"Edit

EVO's final episode see's keisuke completely overwhelmed and consumed in despair. His hatred and jealousy of Shuichiro, and the sheer emotional torment after MeMe-Chan's death has shattered his mind completely. He gives himself up to the will of sonic euphoria and kami-sama, which has taken on the likeness of MeMe-Chan to charm him and use him as its weapon. He throws away his humanity and becomes the strongest audio effigy in existence since the start of the series. A titanic battle ensues at heaven's stairway which has been newly rebuilt by Keisuke's omnipotent NoiZe. Keisuke comes dangerously close to killing Shuichiro in his madness, and almost destroys the entire world. It is believed that the will of the real MeMe-Chan appears to Keisuke and purifies his soul, erasing him from the physical world, supposedly joining her at the ambient horizon.

The series ends with a monologue spoken by keisuke as various camera angles pan over the destroyed neo tokyo, with the credits fading in and out of the screen. It seems that during this monologue keisuke has regained his sanity. Though it isn't really clear where or how he is saying what he is. The last frame of the series shows heaven's stairway, which has been returned to its destroyed and ruinous state, and keisuke ends off the series, with text that appears on the screen saying;

"I found out a song without soul, can't move people's hearts".


  • If I could express what the band EVO sounds like, I'd say that they sound like the lovechild of the experimental post hardcore/electronic dance music band, Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas, and J-Pop star, Daoko. As EVO is essentially a rewritten/altered application of Me!Me!Me! united with my own influences, FALILV can be the sound generated by EVO's NoiZe, while Daoko remains Mimiko's NoiZe. In addition, every episode title for the 24 installments of the EVO series will be named after a FALILV song.
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