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The Edrynes are a species of people who possess power of ice and cold, they live on the Edrynic Island, these people are powerful and it is ruled by the Edrynic Elders. It was believed that all Edrynes were females but it was revealed that male edrynes existed also. They are the main species of people known in Snow Valkyrie. They appeared along with the other species who formed the Six Balances.


Long ago, an Island who was once chaotic and partly destroyed, was found by a woman who possessed incredible powers over ice and cold and used them to transform the island into an icy paradise. This woman fell in love with a men and they conceived their heir (the prince) and more women with the same powers all appeared everywhere on the Island. Years later, the island was renamed Edrynic Island and now serves as the home of Edrynes.

Edrynes have total control over ice and cold, they can also perform superhuman feats and are immortal, they also have a vast knowledge about magic. Their counterparts are the Alneres but the two peoples have great relationships between each other and there were never a war between the two. Altough even if the island is covered by snow and ice and called the "Island of Eternal Winter", there is sun and flowers. Edrynes co-exists with the other people of the differents Islands of the Elemental Realm.

Powers & Abilities[]

Edrynes possess total control over ice and cold. They can perform superhuman feats like: leaping great distance, running extremely fast, can take multiple hits without being easily harmed, can lift something twice their weight and can use any type of weapons. Their reflexes and senses are also more acute than average humans. They also display these abilities:

  • Cryokinesis - Edrynes represent the element of Ice, they can shape it into anything, they can freeze anything and can use their abilities in combat. They can shoot deadly blasts of ice, icy projectiles and can use ice for various ways. Edrynes have been known to create weapons out of ice and also creatures such as the Xarna the Ice Dragon who is the symbol of the Islands. This is their most powerful power.
  • Cryokinetic Constructs - They can create anything out of ice: weapons, creatures (like Xarna), clones, sculptures and buildings (like the Edrynic Castle).
  • Fire Immunity - They are immunized to fire.
  • Cold Immunity - They can whistand extremely cold temperatures.
  • Ice Mimicry - They can transform their body into ice, increasing their strength, they can't melt in contact of fire.
  • Atmokinesis - Edrynes can manipulate cold aspects of weather: hail, blizzards, mist, cold air and for powerful ones, ice storms.
  • Ice Magic - Edrynes are master of ice magic and their spells and magical powers are incredible, powerful magicians can display lot of magical abilities using ice.
  • Thermokinesis - They can reduce the temperature of anything even the weather, lowering the temperature causes everything around them to freeze.
  • Immortality - Edrynes are immortals and can't age.
  • Ice Breath - They can breath cold air and freezes everything on its path.


All sacred artifacts are kept in the Sacred Edrynic Caves guarded by Xarna the Legendary Dragon. These artifacts are:

  • Edrynic Amulets - Amulets created by the powerful magic of the first Edrynic Elder, they all wear them to protect them against demonic magic and other dark forces.
  • Glass Heart - The glass heart is the source of power of Edrynes, demons tried multiple times to destroy it but Xarna keeps them away and it protect itself with its own powerful power.
  • Sacred Calice - A calice who has within it holy water which takes life when the Moon is on, this water originates from the first source of water who appeared on the Island.
  • Ancient Sword - The sword wielded by Alna the first Edryne and was known to have vast knowledge and abilities using her sword. She kept the sword in the cave to seal its power.

Known Edrynes[]

  • Ellie Bartoletti/Elana
  • Yuki Bartoletti/Yuki
  • Queen Alna
  • King Noah
  • Prince Luca
  • Mora
  • Sara
  • Edrynic Elders


  • Almost all Edrynes' names finishes by the sound "a".
  • They were one of the first people to come at the times when the Elemental Islands formed.
  • They are known as master swordsmans.