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A cure of Pretty Cure Diamond Hope and member of GEM

Eleanor Gemme / Cure Emerald
Cure Emerald 92398.jpg
Kanji エレノア保存
Age 15
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Brown (Eleanor)

Blue (Cure Emerald)

Eye Color Green (Eleanor)

Blue (Cure Emerald)

Personal Status
Relatives Arlette Gemme (Mother)

Gaston Gemme (Father) Manon Gemme (Older Sister) Laure Gemme (Younger Sister)

Occupation Middle School Student

Pretty Cure Prism Star



She is a talented and highly intelligent young girl who can be a picky and arrogant person but is kind and gentle to those close to her. She has a great love for fashion, singing, and dance, and always dreamed of being prism star but not a pretty cure so while she is happy to be a prism star she is not happy to be a pretty cure.

Powers and abilities[]

Pretty Cure[]

As Cure Emerald, Eleanor has the power to control water. She is not as skilled as her team mates when it comes to fighting combat wise, but what she makes up for her lack of fighting abiltity she makes up with her great array of water attacks.

Prism Star[]

As a Prism Star, Eleanor has the magic of passion (for one's dreams).  She is a very skilled figure skater and singer, as she has been taking classes for dancig, singing, music, and skating since age 4, so she is more skilled than her team mates.  She uses her magic of passion to help people feel passionate about their hopes and dreams or doing what they love to do.




Prism Star Costumes[]