He is a character in Shugo Chara Kirakira. He first appeared in episode 56 of season 1. He comes from New Zealand. He is 13 years old but turns 14 years old at some point in season 2 and turn 15 years old at some point in season 3.


He wears red glasses. He has messy black hair, fair skin and red eyes.


He is very energetic and cheerful.


Guardian Characters

Name: Ashton

Appearance: he has messy turquoise hair, fair skin and orange eyes. He wears a suit with a top hat with a lime green nonagon shape on it.

Personality: he is very calm and collected.

Egg Description: lime green with light blue nonagons

History: he was born to be Elis desire to be more Calm and collected.

Chara Symbol: nonagon

Character Change

Character Change Phrase: Calm, Silence, Collected

Moves: a beam of lime green light come out of his eyes.

Weapons: none

What happens: Ellis becomes more calm and collected. He gets a top hat with light blue nonagon.

Character Transformation

Name: Calming Fantasy

Appearance: he looks just like Ashton.

Moves: Whistle Silent - He whistles which give it gives a calm feeling to everyone.

Calm Stop - He holds a nonagon shape which he sends out to trap and Purifies X-egg are they are caught with.

Who with?: Ashton

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