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She is a character in Shugo Chara Kirakira. She lives in Brazil. She appeared in episode 42 of season 1. She is one of Ayumi penpals. She is 13 years old but turns 14 years old at some point in season 2 and turn 15 years old at some point in season 3.


She has light red long straight hair with short forelocks, pale skin and blue eyes.


She shares a similar personality to Ayumi.



She has the same power as Ayumi.

Guardian Characters

Name: Anna

Appearance: she wears a yellow long-sleeve top, violet skirt, red leggings and white sandals. She has light purple hair with short forelocks, fair skin and blue eyes.

Personality: she is very sensitive and sweet.

Egg Description: blue with a white cloud

History: she was born from Eva desire to become more empathetic.

Chara Symbol: cloud

Character Change

When she character change with she gets a cloud hair barrette and becomes more emphatic. It can also trigger is someone needs help with to understand other people feelings.

The Character Change phrase is Feelings, Emotions, Understanding

Weapons: none

Moves: Spin Clouds - she spins a which clouds are used to trap opponents.

Character Transformation

Name: Cloudy Vibes

Who With?: Anna

Appearance: same as Anna


Clouds of Magic - She draws outlines of clouds which purifies X-eggs.

Freeze Clouds - Clouds come out of her winks she can freeze an opponent.