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Farewell, Molly
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"All Hail Godolly!"
Japanese title 最終決戦!モリーの別れ! (The final battle! Molly's farewell!)
Episode Information
Episode no. 12
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo
Writers Gen Urobuchi, Ted Lewis, Matthew Ordek
Airdate October 2013 (Delayed), November 9th (USA)

2014 (Japan)

Languages English


Duration 22 Minutes
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment

Magica Quartlet

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Hilda's decision
Illusion (Unaired)

Farewell, Molly is the 12th & Final Episode of Magical Molly!.


to be added

Characters Appearing[]

  • Main Characters
    • Princess Molly
    • Hilda Adams
    • Cubey
  • Other Characters
    • Sabrina Mickey
    • Maria Thompson
    • Kacey Stevens
    • Kyle Knowles
    • Hilary Samatha
    • Judy Kelley
    • Thomas Kelley
    • Taylor Kelley
  • Witches
    • The Ultimate Clockwork witch
    • Gretchen (unnamed in the series)

Censorship/Changes from the Original Episode[]

This Finale is the most notable for having a F**kload of censorships. Read it at your own risk.

English Version[]

  • Madoka's wish is rewritten.
  • The scene of Walpurgis VS Madoka is re-edited into a brief battle.
  • The moment between Madoka & the spirits of Mami & Kyouko is re-edited as: The both girls are actually rescued by her from the Dark World, unseen. (But they show a scene of their negated deaths)
  • The scenes of Sharbat Gula, Anne Frank, Queen Himiko & Joan of Arc is deleted. You know: It's because they have religious undertones.
    • Same goes as the other Magical Girls of the past, present & the future, which they were deleted for unknown reasons.
  • Sayaka's choice of not being alive is re-edited as her going to the Magical Kingdom with Molly.
    • But in that time they are alive instead of being spirits.
    • A whisper by Sayaka (Good luck Kyle) is added after Kyousuke becames a famous violinist.
  • Mami & Kyouko's awareness of Sayaka being slowly taken away by the "Law of Cycles" is re-written: Sayaka is being brought to the Dark World with her last magic.
  • Tatsuya's drawing of Madoka is edited: erasing the hiragana words "まどか”
  • A moment that Junko don't know who's Madoka is re-dubbed as: She actually knows that Molly is their adopted daughter. Officially (No, REALLY!).
  • The scene ends with Homura firing an arrow.

Japanese Version[]

  • The redub's opening: Colorful, is not used as an intro of the series, but is was used as an ending theme of the series.

Trivia/Notes[] Godolly we trust?

Editing Errors[]


Continuity Errors[]


Other notes[]

  • Thank goodness this is the last episode of the dub.
    • Until the Japanese dub is officially confirmed.
  • The scene of Madoka becoming a Magical Girl, the moment between Kyouko & Mami, & The battle with Walpurgis, is added a "new" BGM: Her wings by Yuki Kajiura, which is used for the PMMM Movies.
  • Molly's farewell scene is finished, but the scene was entirely deleted in the TV premiere.
    • However the HUB reruns remains the same episode with the deleted scene.
  • So Sayaka is alive in the end...

Deleted scene[]


Episode Releases[]


The Episode is released along with Episode 11 in the final volume of the DVD.

  • The farewell scene is restored, too.

Japanese Version[]

最終決戦!モリーの別れ! (The final battle! Molly's farewell!)

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