Fashion Pretty Cure!
(Fasshon Purikyua!)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original Run---
Episodes49 episodes
PredecessorFriendships Pretty Cure!
SuccessorFashion Mode! Pretty Cure
Opening SongFashion Princesses! Pretty Cure!
Ending SongFashion Style

Fancy Heart

 Fashion Pretty Cure! (ファッション プリキュア!Fasshon Purikyua!) is a series that CureKanade created. The theme is fashion.


In the city of Kyoto, lives twin sisters named Kisa and Misa Hayari. Together they become Pretty Cure to save Kyoto and the rest of the world and fight against Prick.


Pretty Cure

Kisa Hayari (流行り 吉舎 Hayari Kisa)/Cure Ribbon (キュア リボン Kyua Ribon) - Kisa is the shy, quiet and smart fourteen year old girl who is also the leader of the team. She tends to cling to her sister a lot and is described as a lost child by Misa. She is loved by Minazuki Kohaku and feels lost and embarrassed around him, and feels like she should be more like the popular girls, but is told by her sister to act herself and that she is in love. As Cure Ribbon , her theme colour is pink and she has the power of love. 

Misa Hayari (流行り みさ Hayari Misa)/Cure Velvet (キュア ベルベット Kyua Berubetto) - Misa is the happy-go-lucky, sporty and popular fourteen year old girl who is the sub-leader of the team. She likes it when Kisa clings to her and calls her a lost child. She is very sporty and loves to help other people out who are in trouble and need help and she describes herself as a "love god", since she thinks she can get people to fall in love. As Cure Velvet , her theme colour is blue and she has the power of fashion.

Kata Momen (木綿 カタ Kata Momen)/Dark Cord (ダーク コード Dāku Kōdo)/Cure Style (キュア スタイル Kyua Sutairu)

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