Fly! Sweet Infinity (フライ!スウィートインフィニティ Furai! Suu~īto Infiniti) is a Japanese magical girl anime unofficially produced by Toei Animation and is the first installment of the Sweet Infinity Franchise created by Cure Egret.


Seno Ayumi is your average thirteen year old girl who lives a normal life until she founds a pink bracelet, which changes her life as soon as she picks it up. An evil organization named Phantom attacks her and demands for the Dreaming Crystal, and she does the only thing she thinks she should do - she uses the pink bracelet and transforms into Sweet Dream! Ayumi is later joined by Matsuzaki Hoshiko (Sweet Star) and Ando Namida (Sweet Tears), and she meets three fairies named Wish, Shine and Aqua and helps on finding and protecting the Dreaming Crystal.


Sweet Infinity

Seno Ayumi (瀬野歩夢 Seno Ayumi)/ Sweet Dream (スイート·ドリーム Suīto·Dorīmu)
Ayumi is the leader of the trio who is a quick thinker and easily breaks down. She is very smart and is always studying so she can get a have good life. She is tolerant and caring and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She hates to do things alone and was glad when Hoshiko joined her in fighting Phantom. As Sweet Dream, her theme colour is pink and her powers are based of fire and hope.

Matsuzaki Hoshiko (松崎星子 Matsuzaki Hoshiko)/ Sweet Star (スイート·スター Suīto·Sutā)
Hoshiko is a famous idol who becomes magical girl in Episode 6 after realising that being a heroine meant she could protect her fans.

Ando Namida (安藤ナミダ Ando Namida)/ Sweet Tears (スイート·テアズ Suīto·Tiazu)

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