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Fujio Nishida
藤尾西田 Nishida Fujio
Season Season 1
Age 16
Gender Male
Home Place Rikaku, Japan
Relatives Unnamed Parents
First Appearance Episode 1
Japanese Voice Actor Tasuku Hatanaka

Fujio Nishida (藤尾西田, Nishida Fujio) is the main protagonistic presence in Shin: The Truth of Mankind (真: 人類の真実, Shin: Jinrui No Shinjitsu). As the tragic hero of the horror story, Fujio has achieved his dream of being accepted into the Rogoku Institute (牢獄学院, Rougoku Gakuin), one of the most prestigious schools in all japan, located on the large offshore island called Shosekishima (硝石島, Shoseki-Shima). Shortly after, he is declared a Fujin (負人, lit. "Inferior Person") due to his status as a child born with foreign genes, and immediately becomes a subject of torture and horrific cruelty by the Naojin (尚人, lit. "Superior People") whom call the island their home.


Fujio is a young man who was was conceived through unreciprocated coitus. The only thing known about his parents is that his father was a polynesian tourist and his mother was a native japanese. As a result, Fujio's genes have caused his skin to be of a much darker pigment than that of fullblooded japanese. His build is also much broader than those of others, as he is exceptionally tall, and thus, stands out immensely. He possesses black hair and brown eyes, and is of a slim, slender build, possessing rather long hair which comes down to about shoulder length. Because of his appearance, Fujio has been subjected to lifelong abuse and bullying by others, his timid and quiet personality making the extended abuse something easy for those terrorizing him. He has been discriminated upon, ignored, intentionally overlooked and avoided all throughout his life, alienated by japanese society due to the fact he was born under such shameful circumstances, not to mention the way he looks, causing others to torment him.