Fukuda Benika
福田 ベニカ Fukuda Benika
SeasonPowerful Magical Girls
Eye ColorHazel Blue
Hair ColorBrown
RelativesFukuda Michiru (mother)

Fukuda Seitarou (father) Horio Chie (eldest sister) Fukuda Ageha (older sister) Fukuda Junko (younger sister) Fukuda Junji (younger sister)

First AppearancePMG01
Alter EgoMagical Benika
Theme ColorPink (main)

Violet (sub) White (secondary)

English Voice ActorCureKanade
Fukuda Benika (福田 ベニカ Fukuda Benika) is the main character and leader of Powerful Magical Girls. She is an easy going and calm girl whose alter ego is Magical Benika (マジカル ベニカ Majikaru Benika).


Benika has an easy going and calm personality who can keep her emotions locked up inside of her so she doesn't embarrass herself. She can be a bit careless and she has eyes of mysterious, meaning no one can figure her out easily. She is clumsy and loves playing soccer and gets along with everyone is her class except for some of the boys. She loves to read and write stories and is average in her studies. She is friendly and doesn't have the confidence to say what she is thinking. A lot of boys have feelings for her but she turns them down, even if it upsets her.


Benika is 160cm tall, has olive skin and weighs 49kg. She has thick wavy brown hair that has a few blonde highlights that she always ties up in a ponytail with a black hairband and her eyes are hazel blue.

As Magical Benika, her hair stays brown with blonde highlights but is let out of her ponytail and she wears a white headband with a violet heart on the head band. Her eyes are still hazel blue and she wears violet studs in her ears. Her outfit consists of a pink sleeveless leotard, a magenta bow on her chest with a gold brooch in the middles, a white belt with a violet heart buckle, pink pleated skirt with a white trim along the bottom, white elbow length gloves, light pink frilly sleeves, white thigh length stocking and pink knee length boots with white folds.



Hazuki Georgia - Benika's best friend and a member of her team.

Magical Benika

"The beating red heart! Magical Benika!"
"Kodō akai hāto! Majikaru Benika!"

Magical Benika (マジカル ベニカ Majikaru Benika) is Benika's alter ego. Her theme colours are pink, violet and white and she respectively controls the power of love and red hearts.



  • Benika is heavily based of User:CureKanade. Her personality matches CureKanade's perfectly.
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