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Fuwa Fuwa is the main protagonist of Fuwa Fuwa Foof.


"I used to be like the other kids. I used to their leader. Now, I’m back, as a new rabbit."
―Fuwa Fuwa, After being let out of prison.
Fuwa Fuwa is the shadow of the tuff girl she used to be. Fuwa Fuwa is now sweet, loving, and caring. In fact, her it innocent, and good natured attitude make her a better person.
"Fuwa Fuwa Foof, the leader of the Grassy Meadow, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a Terminator in white fur, that’s her."
―Boss Mafia telling the others about Fuwa Fuwa, Even though she changed.

As a violence gan leader, Fuwa Fuwa is cold-hearted, tuff, and won’t stop until she succeed her goal. Despite that, she’s pretty much soon-after got out of prison for good behavior.

"You left me no choice."
―Fuwa Fuwa, Before attacking Nox

Fuwa Fuwa still got some skills, and sometimes, some people don’t improve her kindness and probably don’t take advantage of her.

"Mr. Umata, can i said one?"
―Fuwa Fuwa, When she yells at her homeroom teacher.

She is a Student at Jackopolis High School.