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The lead cure of Pretty Cure Diamond Hope and Leader of GEM.

Gabriela "Gabby" Stone / Cure Gemstone
Cure Gemstone 34.png
Kanji ガブリエラ"ギャビー"ストーン
Age 15
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Pink (Gabby)

Blonde (Cure Gemstone)

Eye Color Blue (Gabby)

Pink (Cure Gemstone)

Personal Status
Relatives Gloria Stone (Mother)
Occupation Middle School Student

Pretty Cure Prism Star



She is a smart and pure hearted girl who is clumsy, nervous, and forgetful most of the time but can be brave and courageous when she needs to be. She has a great love for gemstones and always dream of being both a pretty cure and a prism star. 

Powers and abilities[]

Pretty Cure[]

As Cure Gemstone, Gabby has the power of light.  She also very skilled with sword, as she has taken fencing and kendo since age 4. She mainly fights with a sword she makes using her ability to control light.

Prism Star[]

As a Prism star, Gabby has the magic of hope. She is usually clumsy at ice skating but when she becomes a Prism star and perfoms in a Prism show, she becomes beautiful ice skater and uses her magic of Hope to give people hope for the future.




Prism Star Costumes[]