Hachimitsu Ocha (はちみつお茶 Hachimitsu Ocha) is the secondary protagonist of Ama-sa Obarodo! She can transform into the Sparkling Witch (スパークリング魔女 Supākuringu Majo).




Ocha has blonde hair and indigo eyes with semi-fair skin.

In the spring/summer she wears a white tank top with a pastel yellow flannel, blue shorts and brown flats. In the autumn/winter she wears a yellow three quarter sleeve shirt, blue jeans, brown ankle boots, a dark blue jacket. Her scarf is yellow and her gloves are white.

At school in the spring/summer she wears a white dress shirt, a light purple vest with the school crest on the left side of the vest, a dark purple bow, a dark blue skirt, white ankle socks and black shoes. In autumn/einter, her outfit consits of a long sleeved white dress shirt, a light purple jacket with the school crest on he left side of the jacket, a dark purple bow, dark blue skirt, grey stockings and black shoes.

Her sleepwear consists of a yellow tank top, dark blue pyjama shorts, and yellow slippers. As a bridesmaid, she wore a peach cupcake dress, white pumps and a blue white in her hair.

In each outfit her transformation ring adorns her right ring finger.





The Sparkling WitchEdit

Appearance As the Lovely Witch, her hair stays blonde but her eyes are honey yellow. She wears a blue hat with a yellow ribbon around it. She wears a blue dress with a yellow ribbon with a large white bow at the back. She wears black socks that go past her knees, and blue ankle boots. A blue chocker adorns her neck, she wears yellow earrings and has white gloves. 




  • Ocha is voiced by Emiri Katō, who voices Naru from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live



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