Hanasaki Futaba
花咲 双葉 Hanasaki Futaba
SeasonHeartcatch Returns! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorMagenta
Hair ColorDark Magenta (Futaba)

Red (Cherry)

Home PlaceKibougahana
RelativesHanasaki Mizuki (mother)

Hanasaki Youichi (father) Hanasaki Kaoruko (grandmother) Hanasaki Sora (grandfather) Hanasaki Tsubomi (older sister)

First AppearanceHRPC01
Alter EgoCure Cherry
Theme ColorPink
Japanese Voice ActorAkemi Kanda
Hanasaki Futaba is the leader of the duo in Heartcatch Returns! Pretty Cure. She lives in a flower shop called Hanasaki Flower Shop with her parents and grandmother. She likes it when her older sister, Tsubomi visits from time to time.

Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Cherry (キュア チェリー Kyua Cherī).



In her normal form, Futaba has mid back dark red hair that she sometimes wears in a low ponytail. Futaba's casual wear consists of of a short sleeved green waist length dress with a yellow long sleeved shirt underneath, knee length jeans and green slip on shoes.


Futaba is a shy, smart girl who plays a bit of sport. Futaba hates keeping secrets and says whatever pops into her head which sometimes causing her to get in trouble. She can be a bit childish and gets scowled by Tsubomi a lot. She finds it difficult finding a dream and loves hanging out with Hanami.

Cure Cherry


Keikoku Hanami - Hanami is Futaba's best friend. Futaba and Hanami alway work together in everything and they are surprised when they found out that they are both Pretty Cure.

Kaori - Kaori is Futaba's fairy companion. Futaba looks after Kaori like an older sister and thinks of Kaori as a replacment sister when Tsubomi is not visiting.

Hanasaki Tsubomi - Tsubomi is Futaba's older sister. Tsubomi usually scowls Futaba if she does something either stupid or naughty. They both love each other very much.


Hanasaki (花咲): Hana (花) is "flower" while saki (咲) is "bloom". Together, Hanasaki stands for "blooming flower".

Futaba (双葉): Futaba means "bud".

Together her name means "Blooming Flowe Bud".


  • Futaba is the fourth Cure with a living grandparent in the family .
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