She appeared in season 1 ep 12 in Shugo Chara Kirakira. She and her family and relatives have the powers as Ayumi and her family and relatives have. She is one of Ayumi pen pals. She lives in London, England. She is 13 years old but turns 14 years old at some point in season 2 and turn 15 years old at some point in season 3.


She has long and straight Blonde hair with curls at the end, pale skin and blue eyes.


She's kind, caring, smart, beautiful, athletic, meticulous and she loves getting praised sometimes.


Guardian Characters

~ Name: Sam

~ Appearance: she has short and wavy blue hair and fair skin. Her blue eyes looked full of mischief. Her jeans were ripped and she had on a red shirt and a red bandanna.

~ Egg Description: black and green stripe egg with dark blue zigzags.

~ History: Amaya was born when Hannah wanted to be more of a tomboy.

~ Personality: tomboy, caring but knows when to relax.

Character Change

She gets a red banana and starts acting boyish. It can be triggered if she needs to be tough in a situation.

Chara Change Phrase: Tomboy, Boyish, Rowdy

Character Change Attacks: Bandanna Catch - she gets bandannas to use them to catch stuff.

Character Transformation

-Name: Justice Star

-Appearance: she looks just like Sam but her hair is no longer in braids and a bandana is wrapped on her arm.


Clapping of Sparks - She claps her hands and grey zigzags come out that purifies the target

Enchantment Sparkles - she throws blue zigzags from her hands. It's able to stop something in their tracks.

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