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Heart of Spades Pretty Cure! (スペードのハート プリキュア! Supēdo no Hāto Purikyua!) is a Pretty Cure Fanseries created by CureKanade.

There will be a sequel called Heart of Spades Pretty Cure! DAC.


Heart of Spades Pretty Cure! Episodes

The Trump Cards of Trump Card Kingdom were scattered when King Envious tried to steal them but was stopped by Kimete who scattered them to earth. Charles and Davi are sent down to find the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure so the world can live with love and cards suits.


Pretty Cure

Aika Mederu(愛でる あいか Mederu Aika) is a smart, sporty girl who dreams of being a famous soccer player. She makes friends really easily and never leaves her childhood friend Hisame Shinjitsu's side. Her alter ego is Cure Lovely (キュア ラブリー Kyua Raburī), represents love and the heart.

Suki Buryoku(武力 すき Buryoku Suki) is a tomboyish famous idol who loves to sing. She doesn't know where she came from and has no parents. She transfers to Denka Middle School at the start of the series and keeps to herself. Her alter ego is Cure Blade (キュア ブレード Kyua Burēdo), represents courage and the spade.

Trump Card Kingdom

Charles(チャールズ Chāruzu) is Aika's mascot partner. He is a brave rabbit like fairy who will do anything to find the missing Trump Cards of the Trump Card Kingdom.

Davi(ダビ Dabi) is Suki's mascot partner. She is a kind cat like fairy who knows about Suki's past life and why she has no parents.

Kimete (決め手 Kimete) is the queen of Trump Card Kingdom. She is kind woman who disappeared when the Trump Cards were scattered onto Earth.


Retsujō (劣情 Retsujō) is the commander of lust. She is a cheerful girl who loves fighting the girls head on without thinking. Her theme colour is magenta.

Mie (見栄 Mie) is the commander of vanity. She is rude girl who wants to be the prettiest woman on Earth. Her theme colour is purple.

Urayamu (うらやむ Urayamu) is the commander of envy. He is the man out of the trio and can get jealous quite easily when he sees Retsujō flirting with other men. His theme colour is green.

Shisshi (嫉視 Shisshi) is the monster of the season. It can be made by jealous or selfish thinking in a human's heart.

King Envious (嫉妬王 Shitto-ō) is the leader of Envious. He wanted to steal all the Trump Cards from Trump Card Kingdom but failed when Kimete scattered them in Ogata Town.


Hisame Shinjitsu (真実 ヒサメ Shinjitsu Hisame) is Aika's best friend. She is a smart girl who enjoys cooking and making clothes. She is in the fashion club at school.

Saku Teien (庭園 佐久 Teien Saku) is a quiet girl who is the student council president at Denka Middle School. She isn't very smart but loves reading and drawing manga.


Ogata Town (緒方町 Ogata-chō) is the town that Aika and Suki live in.

Denka Middle School (デンカ中学校 Denka Chūgakkō) is the school that Aika, Suki and Hisame go to.


Trump Commune (トランプ コミューン Toranpu Komyūn) is the girls transformation device.