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Figma Homura Akemi is repurposed as figma Hilda Adams.
  • Hilda Adams
    • Series/Number: MM-02
    • Re-Release Date: February 2014
    • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands, shield, a time bomb, a handgun, golf club, bazooka, 2 Extra Faceplates, 1 braided hair part & glasses

The figma of Hilda Adams is released by Good Smile Company & Max Factory. The figure is identical to the original figma Homura Akemi,  but only labelled with a official Magical Molly! sticker on the original package.

  • Extra Parts for Hilda Adams
  • Series/Number: MM-02-EX
  • Release Date: February 2014
  • Accessories: Bow, 2 arrows of light, rocket launcher, extra fringe part with ribbon.

The parts for the current figma Hilda Adams is available for preorder at Good Smile Company Online. The parts are identical to the figma Homura Akemi (School Uniform ver), without the figma.

  • My Best Friend set
    • Release Date: March 2014
    • Japanese ID Number: SP
    • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands (Each figure), 3 Faceplates (Each figure), 2 Posable display stages
      • MOLLY: Bow (Open and closed), 4 Arrows of light, 2 Dark Seeds, Cubey,
      • HILDA: shield, time bomb, handgun, gold club, bazooka, M249, RPG-7, Bow and arrow, head with braids and glasses, extra fringe part with ribbon.

The figma of Hilda is once again released (With extra parts), along with figma Molly Kelley. Both are identical to their original figma releases.

  • Magical Girl Set (Tentative title)
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Accessories: 12 Interchargable Hands, shield, time bomb, handgun, golf club, bazooka, M249, RPG-7, Bow and arrow, head with braids and glasses, 5 Extra faceplates, extra fringe part with ribbon.

Available exclusively through Good Smile Company Online, this Hilda figma is identical to the normal releases, but contains a few parts from the Akemi Homura (School Uniform ver) figma. She was bundled with the rest of the 4. The only newly redecoed part is her headband at the normal fringe part, which is colored light purple.

figma Lila-Ritter Hilda AdamsEdit


Erabe:figma or Magical Molly! Action figure series?

Release Date: January 2015

  • Japanese ID Number: SP
  • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands, 3 Faceplates, Sword (detachable into two pieces), Shield, Energy piece for the blade, 2 Rifles

Based on her newest appearance, figma Lila-Ritter Hilda is a new mold of the figma line.

Her accessories include her trademark Sword & Shield. Her blade can be mounted on the shield, to form a standby storage mode, or place at the bottom of it, to form a shield-sword melee weapon. She also includes 2 rifles, which can be turned into longer pistols, also can be stored in the shield.

She includes a glaring face, a shouting face, and lastly,  a gentle smiling face.

It was confirmed that the first releases will include an unlockable code for Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram, while the first 1000 preorders will get 3 extra faces from the normal Homura figure.


Magical Girl Figurine CollectionEdit

Hilda is released as a Magical Girl Figurine Collection figurines. The past version is released as an exclusive bundle of the VOL.5 DVD, and her other version (Finale ver.) is sold as a limited edition figure.

  • Series/Number: MGFC - 02/08 (Standard), MGFC - 11 (DVD Exclusive), MGFC - EX (Limited Edition)
  • Release Date: November 2013 (Standard), TBA (DVD Exclusive), January 2014 (Limited Edition)

Liquid StoneEdit

Mame-Shiki Hilda AdamsEdit

  • Series/Number: MSM-02 (Type A), MSM-06 (Type B), MSM-07 (Type C)
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Accessories:
    • Type A: Interchargable Arms/hands, 1 Faceplate, Bazooka, Handgun, Machine Gun, Shield
    • Type B: Interchargable Arms/hands, 2 Faceplates, Handgun, Golf Club, Bomb, Cubey
    • Type C: Interchargable Arms/hands, 2 Faceplates, Bow and Arrow, Dark Cubes, Cubey, Wings

A Mame-Shiki figurine of Hilda Adams is released by Liquid Stone. The heads & the other parts are compatible to the other upcoming Mame-Shiki Magical Molly! Figurines, and the faces of the figure can be swapped to each Hilda figure.

Seriously. She contains too few parts (Type A Only).

Unlike the 3rd version of Kadou Shoujo Homura, the Type C does not contain a speech bubble.

Type C later gets a standard release since May 2014.


Magical Molly! Action Figure SeriesEdit

  • Hilda Adams
    • Release Date: February 2014
    • Wave: 1
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-AFC-02
    • Accessories: 2 interchangeable hands, Handgun, Shield, & Rifle, Display stand

The normal Hilda Adams is one of the characters chosen for Hasbro's latest action figure series. Her accessories include a handgun & a rifle.

  • Dark Hilda
    • Release Date: 2014
    • Wave: 3
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-AFC-13
    • Accessories: 3 interchangeable hands, Bow & Arrow, Display stand

Dark Hilda is one of the characters chosen for Hasbro's latest action figure series. Her accessories include a bow & arrow, which is also compatible for the Hilda Adams Action figure.

  • Lila-Ritter Hilda Adams (tentative name)
    • Release Date: 2015
    • Wave: ???
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-AFC-???
    • Accessories: 2 interchangeable hands, Sword, Shield, Display stand
    • Extras: Secret Code for Madoka Magica Online

A new mold based on her new appaearance, Lila-Ritter Hilda Adams sports multiple points of articulation, and includes her trademark sword & shield. Sadly guns are not included.

An undocumented feature reviews that Hilda's shield can sheath a blade via pressure-fire. (this was later documented in the Japanese release.)

The Japanese release features metallic painting on her upper armor, and her sword was chromed.

  • Hilda Adams (Past Version)
    • Release Date: 2015
    • Wave: ???
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-AFC-???
    • Accessories: 2 interchangeable hands, Bomb, Display Stand, Golf Club, Shotgun, Display stand


  • Hilda & Molly set (tentative name)
    • Release Date: TBA
  • Evolution of Hilda Adams
    • Release Date: TBA

This 2-pack set contains the figures of Hilda Adams (Past Version), &Lila-Ritter Hilda Adams.

Magical Gear Series - Edit

Hilda Adams' Time-Manipulating ShieldEdit

  • Series/Number: MGS - 02
  • Release Date: October 2013

Part of the Magical Gear Series toys, Hilda's Shield is a replica of the one from the TV series. The Shield sports 3 sounds from the series, they can be activated from the 3 buttons from the wrist handle. The upper & lower Reservoirs & the Protective Lids can be opened via activation, and activates on red-colored LED lights, and the clockwork units/front surface move via the gimmicks below..

NOTE: The gimmick can be activated from the corresponding buttons:

  • Button 1: Time stop
  • Button 2: Reset Time
  • Button 3: Deactivate
  1. Time stop: Button 1 to 3
  2. Reset Timeline: Button 2 to 3

The reference can be seen here.

But seriously, this is the most advanced toy ever, even manufactured by Hasbro.

However there is an Easter Egg in this toy: One of the pieces can be removed, and the tip of Sabrina's Cutlass Sword can be inserted to the hole, playing a part from the trailer of The Rebellion Story.

The Takara Tomy release remains the same as the Hasbro release, with a new weathering paintjob.

Hilda Adams' Light & Sound HandgunEdit

  • Series/Number: MGS - 06
  • Release Date: TBA

Hilda's handgun is available as a Magical Gear Series. It was claimed that they were the same as the original Desert Eagle, but only with a safety orange cap in the gun hole. The left side of the gun is carved "Hilda Adams" in Witch runes.

The toy was able to emit gun sounds (similar to the Handgun's sounds from Grief Syndrome) by clicking the trigger repeatedly. It also emits a strong light-purple LED light for every shot. Pushing the trigger for too long can initiate the Shot Charge. It emits a full blast sound when the trigger is released.

The Takara Tomy release changes the orange caps into actual gun colors (also removing the Witch rune name).

Talking FigureEdit

  • Hilda Adams (16-inch Talking figure)

Swap and BuildEdit

  • Hilda Adams (Swap and Build)

Part of the new Swap and Build line, Hilda Adams can be rebuilt into neither Normal Magical Girl/Lila Ritter forms via optional parts.