Hope Graham
ホープグラハム "Hopu Gurahamu''
Eye ColorSilver
Hair ColorBlonde with a silver streak
Home PlaceGraham Mansion
RelativesHayley Graham (mother)
Howell Graham (father)
Japanese Voice ActorRie Kugimiya

Hope Graham (ホープグラハム Hopu Gurahamu) is a main character in Chemical. She's an A-Class (later S) elementum.


Hope is the daughter of the famous Haley and Howell Graham, founders of the Graham Tech Company, one of the leaders of hyper-advanced Alphasian technology. She works hard and is best friend with Audreen since they are 5 years old, she calls Audreen her reverse twin because: Audreen has yellow eyes and silver hair with a blonde streak while she has silver eyes and blonde hair with a silver streak. She maybe has one weapon but this weapon is very useful, she's able to transform a hammer into a rocket-launcher and into an axe. She knows that Audreen loves Nick and is happy that they are finally a couple.

She hates Zetas to the core and works a lot on her powers, she really wants to erase them and so is training hard, she is always


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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