Ongaku wa makkusu! Shinfonia kassei-ka!
Hoshizora Miragear episode 01
"Music at it's MAX! Symphonia Activate!"
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Opening Star of The Morning Dream
Ending miracleXdream
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki

Ongaku wa makkusu! Shinfonia kassei-ka! (音楽はMAX!シンフォニア活性化! Music at it's MAX! Symphonia Activate!?) is the first episode of Hoshizora Miragear: A Light As Bright As The Sky. This episode focuses on Yumekawa Hikari using her Miragear for the first time.

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When Yumekawa Hikari is walking home from school, she finds a mysterious bracelet with white diamonds on it and starts to experiment on it. She then comes across the famous idol, Amano Fusako, who also has one of the bracelets but with scarlet diamonds. Curious and going fangirl crazy, Hikari starts Fusako to ask about the bracelets but the cold girl blanks her out. Suddenly, a Silence appears and causes Hikari to panic. However, Fusako then uses her bracelet to transform into a magical wear called Miragear! Hikari then somehow activates her bracelet's power, also giving her a Miragear!


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The episode begins with Yumekawa Hikari on the computer at school, listening to a playlist full of Amano Fusako's music on her phone through her earphones. She then leans back whilst introducing herself and accidently falls off. She then gets up, embarrassed but smiling and rubbing the back of her head. The opening song then plays just after she sits back down and continues with her homework.


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