Idol Musketeer!
('Aidoru Ju-hei !')
StudioTatsunoko Production
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMarch 14, 2015
SuccessorPretty Rhythm Sparkling Prism*
Opening SongIdol READY GO!! Dreaming Blooming
Ending SongPrism Idol Idol Dream

Idol Musketeer! ( アイドル銃兵 Aidoru Ju-hei!) is a fan serie made by MikuHatsune145.


Melia Aino is a girl passioned by idols,she is a fan of the history of the three musketeer,she love dancing and singing and dancing and do her best to become an idol later. In the peaceful and calm Melody Kingdom the Queen Sol is watching the activity on Earth but when she learn about the King Do's evil plan to absorb all the music on Earth she sent three mascots: LaLa,SiSi and FaFa to Earth. With the mission of finding the Legendary Idol Musketeers,the Queen Sol explained to them than these musketeers are composed of three girls who has the power of music and are able to save the Earth with their music. So they all started their missions to find them.



  • Color: Hot Pink
  • Type: Cute
  • Aura: Hot pink and red hearts,gold angel arrows with red hearts and angel wings.

Melia is the main girl of the series and is a fan of idols and musketeers,she love practicing singing and dancing and want to become an idol. Melia is a sweet,shy and cute girl she love baking pastries such as heart-shaped cookies,she is fan of the popular idol Barako Shimizu who is actually a student at her school. When she first met LaLa her coach and mascot,she claims than Melia has a strong aura and has the power of an idol musketeer,she didn't believe her at first but her bracelet start sparkling and she transformed into her Idol Form. LaLa and her go see the Queen Sol and LaLa affirmed than she's an idol musketeer. She then started her training for her first live,she do all her best and when she go to the Meloland (Melody Land) where all the idols started their debuts. She then do her first live wich she did an Idol Call and a Melody Change,who was something undid by many idols except Barako. After her live who was a success,she was being attacked by Alejandro one of the King Do's servants,she then transformed into her Musketeer form and beat his Kuraimero who born by using his powers on an innocent boy. Melia is the Musketeer of love and she is represented by pink hearts.

  • Color: Lime Green
  • Type: Pop
  • Aura: Lime green and blue stars, lime green,yellow and blue sliced lemons and blue bubbles.

Sun Hee is a transfered student from Korea,when she first came at the Sunny Side School,Melia was the first to came at her. The two becamed friends very fast,when Sun Hee claims than she want to be an idol and trains every day to become one Melia already recognize her in Sun Hee. Melia said than they can train together to becomes idols. SiSi,her mascot sense her and go see Melia and LaLa saying to them than she has an Idol Musketeer aura,SiSi went see Sun Hee and claims than she is an Idol Musketeer. SiSi gave her her bracelet and she transformed into her idol form,when she saw Melia in her idol form,she said than she recognized the idol on the Melody TV,LaLa and SiSi trained Sun Hee and Melia for their next lives. Sun Hee went on stage and one of the Dark Musketeers: Rubeus. Melia transformed into a musketeer,she was surprised,SiSi said than she can do it too and they both transformed into idol musketeers,they beat Rubeus and his Kuraimelo and he leaves saying than he will return. Sun Hee and Melia started working together and want both to become great idols. Sun Hee is the Musketeer of fun,she is represented by lime green stars.

  • Color: Purple
  • Type: Cool
  • Aura: Purple crescent moons, fuschia and purple music notes and dark blue and purple crystals.

Mitsuki is a girl who is calm,cool and very patient,she's very kind and like helping the others,she very want to become an idol,Melia and Sun Hee very likes her. They are in the same class and they sometimes work together,when they knew than she wanted to be an idol they decided to train together,LaLa,SiSi and FaFa sense her aura and tell it to Melia and Sun Hee. FaFa asked her to transform to become an idol and her,Sun Hee and Melia,they trained together with the Queen Sol and when Emilio one of the King Do's servant attacked them,a mysterious musketeer appeared and beat down the Kuraimero,she asked them to defeat him. Mitsuki,Melia and Sun Hee noticed than they love the same things and especially Barako,they love her songs and Mitsuki said than her lives are incredible. FaFa really like her and Mitsuki is always saying to her than she's cute,Mitsuki loves acting and practice theater since she is small,her parents support her hl and she's very determined to become a famous actress. The Queen Sol reunited them and finally the Idol Musketeers where completed,but LaLa talked to the Queen about this mysterious idol musketeer,back then the Queen remembered the history of a mysterious musketeer,Mitsuki,Melia and Sun Hee along with the mascots were surprised about it. They all three now form a unit: Sunny Pink Girls,with Melia for leader and all train together to become a great idol unit. She is the Musketeer of passion and is represented by purple crescent moons.

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Sexy
  • Aura: Red and gold roses,red, black and gold diamonds,red and

purple butterflies and black feathers.

Barako is a popular idol who is a student at the Sunny Side School, she's been called the School's Idol,every boy or girl at her school admires her. Melia,Sun Hee and Mitsuki finds her really pretty,they claims than her songs are awesome and her brand,Barako is very popular,she's kind and sweet with everyone. She's an hardworker and never give up,she loves cosmetics and her mother who own a make- up store were she creates herself her make-up were she learned Barako how to create make-up. Her father creates perfumes and is a fashion designer,and he inspired her to create her own brand: Rose à Lèvres,based on cosmetics,even her Idol Calls are based on cosmetics. When she knew than Melia,Sun Hee and Mitsuki were Idol Musketeers,she revealed her true self: she's actually the mysterious musketeer,the Musketeer of Beauty and her parents are the Queen Sol and the vKing Re,who reigns at the Melody Kingdom. All the girls were suprised than she were actually the princess of the Melody Kingdom,and was always an Idol Musketeer,she then becamed the new member of Sunny Pink Girls,as an experienced idol she coached them. Barako always held in her bag,a black and red palette with rose patterns,she's her own make-up artist and MiMi her coach,helps her for her schedule and booking her concerts,Barako is a very active idol and is glad to finally not be alone as an idol. She's the Musketeer of Beauty and is represented by red roses.

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