Iron Man
Avengers Infinity War Iron Man poster
Appears in Iron Man
Age 49
Gender Male
Race Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Howard Stark (father)
Anthony Edward Stark, better known as Tony Stark, is a billionaire inventor and the superhero Iron Man. With his heart wounded by terrorists and taken captive to build weapons, Stark quit building weapons and created a high-tech suit of armor to fight evil.

He appears in the anime adaptation of the film Iron Man.


Weapons and equipmentEdit

Tony Stark uses the Iron Man Armor, which is armed with various types of weapons.

  • Hand weapons
    • Repulsors: Iron Man's favored weapon from his suit are the Repulsors, which are beams of energy that blast from the gloves.
    • Missiles: Iron Man blasts missiles from his hands that can retract back into the gloves. The missiles are strong enough to blow up vehicles such as tanks and helicopters. The Mark VI and VII were also the first suits to incorporate the non-hand missiles. The Mark VI's version of hand missiles have a load of three missiles fired at the same time.
    • Lasers: The lasers are beams located in the same section with the missiles, and are powerful enough to slice through anything and are used by the Mark VI and Mark VII. However, Tony stated in Iron Man 2 that the lasers can only be used once.
    • Flamethrowers: The flamethrowers, like the missiles, are actually both the very first weapons used for the armor, built for the original Mark I armored suit
  • Unibeam: The Unibeam is a Repulsor fired by the armor's Arc Reactor and is one of the most powerful weapons of Iron Man, though it is not used very often as it wastes the suit's power.
  • Shoulder weapons
    • Guns: The armor can activate guns from the shoulders that can track the target with all bullets fired at the same time.
    • Missiles: The Mark VI and VII, as stated previously, are the first armors to introduce missiles located in the shoulders. While the Mark VI fires two large missiles, the Mark VII fires tiny missiles in both shoulders.
  • Flairs: The flairs are a smoke screen to get away from enemies.
  • Mark L-only weapons: These are the weapons only used by the Mark L Armor.
    • Nanotech: The nanotech the suit is made of not only enables regenerating, but also enables to have some nanotech to trap enemies such as Thanos but is also able to stick ripped off things together such as a door. However, Thanos was able to rip it off easily.
    • Plasma canon: The armor apparently replaces the missiles with a plasma laser canon that can form from one of the Repulsor gauntlets. It is more powerful than the Repulsors.
    • Shield: The arm can also use the nanotech to form a shield similar to the current version of Captain America's Vibranium shield. It is used to block very powerful attacks.
    • Blade: The very last weapon the armor had when it was mostly destroyed by Thanos.

Powers & abilitiesEdit

Tony Stark does not have any biological powers of his own but they come from his Iron Man Armor.

  • Enhanced physical strength: Stark's human strength is enhanced by his Iron Man Armor, thus he is able to do much things a normal human wouldn't be able to do. It also includes lifting a car perfectly, surviving getting run over by a car, and surviving tank missiles (see below for more info on that).
    • Flight: The Iron Man armor suit enables Tony Stark to fly at great heights and enabled him to fly to Afghanistan in one day. It is able to go at super-sonic speeds and up to Mach 3 Speed. The Repulsors work as flight stabilizers as without them the pilot would easily crash. To avoid icing problems, the armor was made of gold-titanium alloy.
    • Bullet-proof: The Iron Man suit is mostly bulletproof though sometimes bullets may shoot pierce it. The Mark I was the mostly bulletproof one as once a terrorist attempted to shoot it, the bullet bounced back into his head. However, despite the suit being bulletproof, once more terrorists fired at it at the same time Mark I couldn't take much more thus tiny pieces of the armor began bouncing off. As well, the Mark III is able to survive tank shell missiles.
    • Superhero landing: The Iron Man armor enables Stark to land with fist down and on his knee, which can crush some of the ground he lands on.
  • Regeneration (formerly): The Mark L suit can regenerate due to being built of nanotechnology, however the suit needs enough nanotech to regenerate, as seen in Avengers: Infinity War where there was barely enough parts of the suit left after a confrontation with Thanos the armor was not able to regenerate.


  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Tony Stark suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as seen in Iron Man and Iron Man 3. In the films, Stark at first was traumatized by his kidnapping by the Ten Rings terrorists while in the other movie Stark gotten it again after the Battle of New York in The Avengers where he transported the missile into the Chitarui portal nearly dying, experiencing nightmares that pushed him to create more Iron Man suits and not to sleep, able to be awake for 72 hours.
  • Former weaknesses
    • Flight failures: The Mark I armor was unable to fly as it had a really short flight before crashing. Though the Mark II had perfect flight, it would freeze if travelling into the upper atmosphere or into outer space. Stark then replaced the iron material with Gold-Titanium Alloy.
    • Arc Reactor Dependence: Due to having shrapnel in his heart Stark created the Arc Reactor to prevent it from reaching even giving possibly 50 lives. However, without it Stark would die within a minute. However, thanks to his surgery that removed the shrapnel and the arc reactor, Tony no longer needs the Arc Reactor in his chest. The Mark L armor's arc reactor is a detachable magnet attached to Stark's chest.

Future appearancesEdit

Tony Stark/Iron Man is set to return in anime versions of Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron,Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War and it's untitled sequel as well as in cameo in The Incredible Hulk.

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