She is a character in Shugo Chara Kirakira. She first appeared in episode 54 of season 1. She came from Ghana, Africa. She is 13 years old but turns 14 years old at some point in season 2 and turn 15 years old at some point in season 3.


She has long baby blue curly hair, tan skin and light green eyes.


She is quiet, kind and shy.


Guardian Characters

Name: Gwen

Appearance: she has mauve short wavy hair with straight cut bangs, pink eyes and fair skin. She wears a white jacket, red short-sleeve shirt, light green Mary Janes, Jean shorts and black leggings.

Personality: she is loud, ambitious and noisy.

Egg Description: light yellow with dark pink rhombus.

History: she was born from Jabrielle desire to be heard loud.

Chara Symbol: rhombus

Character Change

Phrase: Noisey, Booming, Powerful

What happens: she becomes loud. It can also be triggered if she is in need of being heard more.

Weapon: none

Attacks: Sound Party - throws heptagons so are used to distract the opponent

Character Transformation

Name: Loudness Power

Appearance: same as Gwen but she doesn't have a coat but wears a green seashell chocker.

Moves: Future Twirls - she spins her hands which red heptagon do are used to distract or freeze the opponent.

Cleanse Heartshine - Blue heptagon that comes out of both her hand together that Purifies X-Egg.

Who with?: Gwen

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