He is a character in Shugo Chara Kirakira. He first appeared in season 1 episode 48. He lives in New York City. He is one of Ayumi penpals. He is 13 years old but turns 14 years old at some point in season 2 and turn 15 years old at some point in season 3.


He has tan skin, green eyes and red short hair.


He is quiet and very shy.


Guardian Characters

Name: Kevin

Appearance: he has mauve eyes, pale skin and short straight red hair. He wears a turquoise short-sleeve shirt, Jean, red socks, an octagon ring, and brown shoes.

Personality: polite, reliable and obedient

Egg Description: teal with octagon pattern

Chara symbol: octagon

History: he was born from Jayden desire to be less fearful and more courageous.

Character Change

Phrase: Valour, Fearless, Gutsy

Attack: Courage Smile (the yo-yo spin out teal Octagons that use.)

Weapons: a yo-yo

What happens: he becomes more behave and gets an octagon ring. It also can be triggered by if someone needs a brave person.

Character Transformation

Name: Courage Dreamy

Appearance: same as Kevin

Who With?: Kevin


Gleam Dive - he dives down which octagon nets are used to trap the opponent.

Glow Storm - a storm of octagon shapes feel down and purifies X-Eggs.

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