JoJo's Kooky Quest (also known as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) is a TV series distributed by 4Kids Entertainment & David Productions. The series is the first English dubbed version of the popular Anime series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and is targeted towards children rather than adults like the original series. JoJo's Kooky Quest was introduced as part of 4Kids' "4Kids 4Ever!" lineup as an ill-fated attempt to bring back 4Kids' success in the late 90s and early 2000s. All anime shows in the lineup were targeted towards teenagers and adults in their original incarnation, such as Magical Molly! (Madoka Magica) and Crazy Swordsman (Berserk).

The series started airing on August 16, 2014, on Cartoon Network every Saturday at 8:30. It ended on February 7th, 2015. A sequel series; JoJo's Kooky Quest: Star Fighters, started airing later that year.

A proper English dub premiered on Toonami on October 15, 2016.

Summary Edit

The youth of a young boy named Jonathan "JoJo" Joestar living in England. JoJo's father adopts a boy named Dylan Brandon, who is a bully. After Dylan tries to send JoJo's father into the shadow realm with a disease, JoJo thwarts his plan and has him arrested. But after he escapes the police and turns into a vampire, Dylan shoots a laser at JoJo's father, sending him to the shadow realm. JoJo fights him, destroying their mansion in the process. After JoJo heals from his injuries, he encounters a man named Sir William Blimpington. Sir Blimpington teaches him how to use an ancient American fighting style called Ripple. Will JoJo be able to defeat Dylan and save the world?

Episodes Edit

List of JoJo's Kooky Quest Episodes

Characters Edit

Jonathan Joestar Edit

The main protagonist of this arc. Nicknamed "JoJo" for short, he is the son of George Joestar whose life turns to misery when Dylan enters the household and bullies him. After his father is banished to the Shadow Realm by the vampire Dylan, JoJo comes to learn the power of Ripple from Sir Blimpington. He finds out that the town of Windknights Lot has been sent to Dylan's dungeon, so he and his friends go to break them out. He defeats Dylan, sending him to the shadow realm, and marries Ellen, but during their honeymoon they are attacked by Dylan, who tries to send him to the shadow realm. but the ship is destroyed and JoJo is rescued by Fastcart. 50 years later, he is off somewhere going on an adventure.

Dylan "The Villain" Brandon Edit

The villain of the first arc, and of Star Fighters. A very bad bully, his father bullied him so he sent him to the Shadow Realm using the Shadow Virus. He is adopted by JoJo's father and bullies JoJo. He uses the Virus later to attempt to banish George Joestar, but his plans are thwarted by JoJo and he is arrested. He uses a mask to turn into a vampire and banish George, and fights JoJo, burning down the mansion in the process. He takes over the town of Windknights lot and sends its inhabitants to jail. He resurrects the zombies of Tankus and Clifford, the two worst bullies in history, to fight JoJo. JoJo tracks Dylan down and fights him. During their battle, he sends Dom to the shadow realm, but is ultimately banished there by JoJo. He escapes as a head, and attacks JoJo on his honeymoon. He tries to banish him, but sinks to the bottom of the sea. Nobody came to save him because he was a no-good bully.

Bobby Fastcart Edit

Bobby first appears as a bully attacking JoJo, but after JoJo stands up to him he becomes his friend. He reports Dylan to the authorities, and helps JoJo throughout his adventure by giving him advice. In part 2, he is rich and head of the Fastcart Foundation.

Sir William Blimpington Edit

A magician who teaches JoJo how to use the Ripple. In his youth he worked on a ship, but his father used the mask to turn into a vampire and banish the crew to the Shadow Realm. During the battle with Tankus, he is pulled into a portal to the Shadow Realm by his chains, but manages to hold onto the floor and give all his energy to JoJo before he is banished.

Ellen Pendleton Edit

A girl JoJo met when he was a kid and saved from bullies, including Dylan. She marries JoJo after he defeats Dylan, and she speed dials Fastcart to save them after the ship explodes and kills nobody. In part 2 she is Joseph's grandmother.

Joseph Joestar Edit

Jonathan's grandson from New York. His father and grandfather left when he was young to explore the world. He hates bullies, and picks fights with them a lot.

Cesar Blimpington Edit

Grandson of Sir Blimpington. He uses Ripple through his Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath. He fights the Pillar Bullies because they beat up his father. He is Joseph's rival, but realizes he has been bullying him and turns over a new leaf. In a battle with Wombat the Pillar Bully, he is banished to the Shadow Realm.

Lisa Lisa Edit

Joseph's ripple teacher and mother.

General Badbot/Goodbot Edit

A robot general in the American army, though he has a German accent. In the original, he was a human who becomes a cyborg later on, but in the 4kids version he was a robot from the start. He starts out as a bully, who experiments on Santa, but after meeting Joseph Badbot becomes Goodbot. His robotics are damaged by Santa, but he is upgraded later with a Super Soaker built into him.

Car Edit

Car is the leader of the Pillar Bullies. He steals all the candy in the world, save for Lisa Lisa's Red Rock Candy. When he eats every candy in the world he will become the Ultimate Bully, and when he does, he gets cool powers and cannot be banished to the shadow realm, so Joseph throws him into space.

Ace D.C. Edit

One of Car's Pillar Bullies. During battle, he makes fun of Joseph by imitating crying and calls his opponents "widdle babies". He is able to create tentacles that shoot out lava. He has a pet brain monster that avenges his banishment by possessing Susan and attacking Joseph, but the brain is defeated.

Whammo Edit

A Pillar Bully who yells "Whammo!" when he punches people. He banishes Cesar and fights Joseph in a chariot battle, and ends up getting sand in his eyes during the fight, but still fights. He is defeated and banished to the shadow realm.

Santa Edit

The first of the Pillar Bullies. He is awakened by General Badbot's experiments, but is banished to the shadow realm by Joseph.

Snoopy Edit

A young African American boy who is bullied by cops, and winds up befriending Joseph. He is a rapper.

Changes Edit

There is heavy censorship, due to JoJo being a very violent series. Episodes often have nearly a minute of content cut. All deaths are written out, or replaced with banishment to the shadow realm, a concept introduced in 4Kids' dub of Yu-Gi-Oh. The original soundtrack is replaced with a new soundtrack. Many names are changed as well. Blood is edited out, though Dylan the Villain does "suck blood". There are almost no references to death, though zombies are allowed. Weapons are also censored: guns are replaced with sci-fi laser blasters, despite the show being set in the 19th century. Some guns are replaced with super soakers, or airsoft guns. Grenades and other explosives are changed to cartoonish cherry bombs and Loony Tunes style dynamite. A scene where Joseph peeps on Lisa Lisa bathing is removed, though she was still bathing in that scene. A one piece swimsuit is edited on her in subsequent scenes. Language is censored: the Japanese version uses swear words such as "shit" and "damn", these are removed, though Dylan does say "You suck!" in episode 8, with JoJo scolding his "foul mouth" afterwords.

The series is rated TV-PG for violence, though almost all blood is removed. It is one of the most drastically changed 4kids dubs, due to the original series being rated TV-MA.