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Juliet (ジュリエット Jurietto) is a pink cat-like fairy, one of the three main mascots in Lovely Romance Pretty Cure! She is a hardworking fairy who cares about Romeo very much. She ends her sentences with "-etto".


She is a hardworking fairy who loves watching love stories like Romeo & Juliet and loves the song Love Story by Taylor Swift and sings along to it every chance she gets. She looks after Aira like she is her younger sister and wishes for the queen's daughter to appear.


Juliet was sent down from Adoration Kingdom with Romeo to find their pretty cure partners so they can find the Queen's daughter and protect her from Jealousy. And find the Saint Light of Love.

Finding Cure Love


Romeo is Juliet's fiancé who she loves very much. They watch Romeo and Juliet together and hate sleeping a part from each other.

Aira Junan is Juliet's transformation partner. She first meets Aira in Episode 1 {LRPC01} when seeing her classmates and herself being attacked by a Shitto.


Juliet has an ability to fly, hover in mid-air, teleport to different places and turn into a commune to help Aira transform into Cure Love.



Juliet (ジュリエット) - Juliet is named after Juliet in Romeo & Juliet because of her love with her  fiancé, Romeo.


  • Juliet is the third mascot to be a cat. The first are Hummy and Daybi.
  • Juliet is the third female mascot to transform with a main cure, after  Chypre and Sharuru.