Kaboom-chan Barrage (どっかーんちゃんバラージ Dokkān-chan Barāji) is Kurumi's Level 1 Secret Ninja Art and it appears in Senran Kagura: Spectrum Versus.

Attack InfoEdit

Kurumi takes out her cannon Kaboom-chan and then fires at her enemies as she lies on top of it, pelting her enemies with a barrage of cannonballs. She does this until the final shot is made, sending the enemies flying as she jumps off of the cannon.


  • The attack's name is a reference to Hanabi's catchphrase "Kaboom!".
  • The attack shows similarities to Ryōki's attack HAPPY RAIN.
    • Both users attack with a barrage of bullets/cannonballs and the final blow causes enemies to be sent flying.
  • The attack also shows similarities to Kurumi Whomping.
    • Both attacks finish with a final blow.
  • The attack was first shown in Episode ???.
  • This is Kurumi's favorite attack.
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