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Kaori Shiranami
白浪 かおり Shiranami Kaori
Season Futari wa Pretty Cure Phoenix Heart
Age 14
Gender Female
Eye Color Light Purple
Hair Color Dark Blue
Relatives Shiranami Shion (mother)

Shiranami Shou (father) Yukishiro Honoka (cousin) Yukishiro Aya (auntie) Yukishiro Taro (uncle)

First Appearance FwPCPH01
Alter Ego Cure White Phoenix
Theme Color Blue (main)

White (sub)

Japanese Voice Actor Eriko Nakamura

Kaori is one of the main characters in Futari wa Pretty Cure Phoenix Heart. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure White Phoenix (キュア ホワイト フェニックス Kyua Howaito Fenikkusu). Kaori is good friends with Mayu, but never ever knew she existed before they became friends. Kaori admires Mayu because of her cheerfulness and courage to protect people she hardly knows.

Like her cousin, Honoka, she is a kind, gentle girl who will always put people before herself. She is very smart and loves to study with Honoka and Mayu. She loves to read and write her own stories and loves to keep her cousin company. Kaori can be a bit strict but not a lot. She enjoys eating Akane Fujita's takoyaki with Mayu and Sayaka Karui. She loves seeing people smile and being happy and when someone is feeling down, she will be always there to make them smile again.


Kaori starts her adventure when she just finished writing her first story called "The Outsider". Her friend Kazue Amani had watched her finish the book and suggested going the amusement park as a "I finally finished my first book!" party. Kaori had laughed at that and she and Kazue set off to the Amusement Park. Just then it started raining and Kazue groaned since that meant no roller coaster for her. Kaori suggested going to the near by cafe till the rain stopped. While Kazue jabbered on about life at home, Kaori spotted a pink object fall from the sky and land in the garden outside the shop. Kaori had excused herself and left Kazue all by herself. Kaori had picked up the pink object to find that it was a pink cell phone. She had flipped it open to see a pink creature sleeping inside.
Off-screen, Kaori had met Dia and was told to go to the park with all the moving things which Kaori assumed must be the amusement park. Dia told her that she felt a demonic sense there. At the amusement park, Kaori had wandered around the park when the roller coaster suddenly transformed into a monster with peopel trapped inside but were knocked unconsious. Honoka made out a silent scream while everyone around her ran off screaming. Kaori was standing there underneath the monster until Mayu had appeared with Maru. Together they transformed into the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure by saying Dual Aurora Wave. Together they had defeated the monster.


Kaori has mid-back length dark blue hair that she keeps down. Her casual outfit is a knee length white dress with a light blue ribbon around her waist, a cream coloured jacket and white slip on shoes.
Her summer outfit is a pale blue blouse with a white skirt and white slip on shoes.
Her movie outfit is a waist length, long sleeved pale blue dress, knee length skinny jeans and blue slip on shoes with no straps.

Cure White Phoenix

"Emissary of Light, Cure White Phoenix!"
"光の使者、キュア ホワイト フェニックス!"
"Hikari no Shisha, Kyua Howaito Fenikkusu!"

Cure White Phoenix (キュア ホワイト フェニックス Kyua Howaito Fenikkusu) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Kaori. Because Cure Black Phoenix is the strongest of the duo, Kaori uses her intelligence and agility to surprise the enemy, usually with a kick in it's weak spot. Even without the help of Mayu, Kaori can still take down an enemy herself easily. She is also a very good dodger. As Cure White Phoenix, she is more serious and stronger and has a stronger will. Together with Cure Black Phoenix, she can preform the Phoenix Screw and Rainbow Therapy attacks. Later on, the duo is powered up by the Phoenix Bracelets from Pollun and Lulun, they can use the attack Rainbow Hurricane.
With Shiny Luminous Phoenix, they can the attack Extreme Luminario Miracle.


Mayu Yabun - Although Kaori never knew Mayu, she became good friends with her when she became a Pretty Cure with her. They go through the good and bad times together and defeat every obstacle together.

Sayaka Karui - Kaori meets Sayaka in episode 14 along with Mayu and was quite calm when Sayaka becomes Shiny Luminous Phoenix. The two become good friends and she swore with Mayu to make sure nothing hurts Sayaka.

Dia - Dia is Kaori's fairy partner. She keeps her in a pink cell phone.