Not to be confused with Kurumi Tokisaki, her original Japanese Counterpart.

"Come on Sammy, play with me~"

-Kassandra's bewitching habits.Kassandra

Kurumi pv
"Hey, my name is Kassandra, the "F" stands for friendship"
Appears in Date A Live
Age ???
Gender Female
Race Super Being
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red (Right), Yellow Clock (Left)
Personal Status
Occupation Student (Since Episode 5)
VA (English) Lisa Ortiz
Kassandra in one of the supporting characters (also an antagonist) in the TV series: Date A Live.


One of the Super Beings arrived to Earth, after Tamara & Yarona. She also transfers to Samuel's school, to get closer to him, However, she had only one goal in her: Stealing Samuel's sealing ability.


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Voice Actress

  • English: Lisa Ortiz

Differences between her character in the original TV series

  • Her Cannibalism for refilling her clock eye is ultimately altered into her using supernatural powers to take people away to a dark portal.
  • She speaks in a normal accent while she is under casual/school wear, but she speaks in a dracula-like accent when she's in Spirit Mode.



  • Her voice actress, Lisa Ortiz, also voiced Kacey Stevens in Magical Molly!.